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Airsoft Geeks – Getting Connected

Airsoft Geeks – Getting Connected

yes you know no internet connection does matter because you know into basic stuff you go to the circle button which is called start button is that from the start give a chance to your brain and then straight away to games so you press this little control panel and you now you have to know this one but the L bottom now there is this one and eco for you you don’t see you know so you press the network connections connections to network options settings very well settings and now possibilities I hate it because when it gives you too much options like yes and no to decide you respect the computer because believe me MIT are you I mean so IP you press the restart and the only option because Wi-Fi here you know what because I met my wife you don’t know this give me a low five please give me bye-bye give me high five times it’s very hard to to find Internet not even something else on the internet you know so it’s not my fight I’m happy to have you be here and I haven’t be here and be happy so thank you very much with the new waiting hi to my wife say and I say goodbye and Motel channel


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