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Airsoft Geeks – Addicted to Airsoft

Airsoft Geeks – Addicted to Airsoft

Welcome to our airsoft psychology counselling. You used to play airsoft. And now you have finished it. I can tell you. I’m ok. Nothing changed. It’s still me. Only thing which really helps me, every 4 minutes I have to change my glasses.

I’m a normal person. I don’t push on it. It comes from bottom of my heart. But sometimes, when it get very hard, I need to put on this glasses. How it was before and after your decission to quit airsoft? Before it was good, but after it was no good.

Airsoft is my love. I liked to play airsoft everywhere, I liked Milsim, CQB, I liked every kind of airsoft. I had respawn around my bed, I had respawn on my toilet, I had BBs everywhere even in my cellar.

It was no good, I was addicted. I saw on YouTube one channel and I see there naked airsoft weapon. Don’t even mention it, because I will get crazy. I know it’s very serious treatment. I’m back, that’s all right.

You can borrow them. Really? Yes. Can I? Could I? You do. I would like to play airsoft. But you know, it’s very hard. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s very hard situation. They both are very addicted to airsoft.

They were very good players I remember. They were on each action, on each airsoft event. They were the best airsoft players. And now as you see… It’s very hard to see people like this… You know I will tell you something.

There’s no sunshine when airsoft is gone. So good bye. We will see you in the next airsoft psychology counselling.


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