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*Airsoft Gear* | Tactical 301 Type Magnifier Scope EoTech Clone Review Deutsch – English Subtitle


Hello Bruce here BB2k Airsoft Channel. Today I got post from AIRSOFTPEAK.COM. Thank you Airsoftpeak for this new item. you ask. what I got Do you renember the Element T1 Red Dot? I got a useful supplement for a red dot. The magnifier will cost $ 63.99 incl. free shiping from airsoftpeak. I write the link to the product in my video description. In germany you will pay between 59 and 71 Euro for that. dependent are the customs duties! I had to pay no charges so it looks like when you get it delivered. a black and stable box. The magnifier is safe and soft packed. so it looks. The Optic and the flip to side system. I show you quick how it works. Easy to remove. Fits on any standard rail. No problem to mount. You only need a srewdriver. The optics has two Protection caps A cleaning cloth and a manual do not exist.But in the box is a tool for mounting the optics. now to the bodycheck. It is made of aluminum and feels very solid. you find the EoTech Markings on this scope. This is great . i show you now the quick release for the scope you need a srewdriver for mounting. this little thing here . .. this is the flip to side. I show you this in a moment. What is the job of a magnifier? In german it calls “Lupe” or “Vergrösserung” the German translation says it well. the Magnifier improves aim at long distances with a red dot.Without Magnifier the target is covered by the red dot. with magnifier you see the target clear at long distances. if you’re back in the CQB area then the “Flip to Side” is used. Press here and the magnifier flips to the side. Now i am ready for CQB at long distance i easy flip back the magnifier. Great Tool! can I recommend you to purchase this magnifier? I think it is a useful supplement for players with changing CQB/long distance games. and it also looks also pretty cool! especially when it is to the side. that has style! The Costs: 59 – 71,- Euro from Airsoftpeak. Look once at the AIRSOFTPEAK shop. Thanks again to Airsoftpeak for this magnifier! you have to decide whether you need it. compare the prices.I hope you found this review informative. I see you for review of the hephaestus Tavor Bye Bruce .


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