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Airsoft – GATE – Titan V2 NGRS (Marui Next Gen) [ENG sub]

Airsoft – GATE – Titan V2 NGRS (Marui Next Gen) [ENG sub]

Hello everyone and welcome to the Lair today do discover a new product you knew about the Titan V2, the Titan V3 now it’s time to review the new Titan V2 NGRS that’s for next gen Marui-type EBBRs let’s go before starting I’d like to thank the whole GATE team who sent this Titan to me this is the advanced version, it features everything a Titan can do here’s the price on their website it is a conversion from Polish Zloty, hence the weird value there’s also a basic version at 127.

44€ with less features, no USB link (that’s 34.59€) and no cables but you can upgrade basic version firmware to advanced firmware for 34.82€ the Titan NGRS is available into rear wiring and front wiring so pay attention when you buy one! if you’ve watched my previous videos you can see that the box is quite the same except that at the back the content is different and there’s a patch! when there’s a patch, I can’t say bad things.

.. the Titan is made in Poland you’ve got the whole CE certifications but let’s open the box nice first of all, the patch goes to the patch wall! then here’s the users’ manual read it thoroughly especially if you’ve never installed a Titan before don’t hesitate to use my videos too you’ll avoid burning an expensive Titan! if you’re not comfortable with installing this kind of device, contact a pro well, try to find one who knows what he’s doing some of them have never stripped a next gen AEG before.

.. next, there’s a USB link it links the Titan to your phone or your computer and thanks to it, you can adjust the different settings then there are two cables micro-USB to micro-USB and USB-C to micro-USB the USB link uses a micro-USB interface under the foam there’s a long USB to micro-USB cable to plug your gun to a PC it is long enough not to have to put your bb-gun on the keyboard^^ then, there’s a small box containing the installation kit composed of different things insulated and non-insulated washers selector plate stickers and a set of Dean plugs, motor plugs and thermal tube and of course, there’s a TITAN NGRS module it looks a bit bigger than the others bottom board, top board with small foam pads and there’s a military-grade coating here MIL-V 173C to protect the Titan from bad weather conditions and humidity it doesn’t mean that you can drop your gun into the water.

.. but when it’s foggy or rainy, it should protect the board enough be gentle when you manipulate the Titan the wires are already soldered and we can see some of the sensors there are no micro-switches the top board with the huge trigger sensor what’s cool is that there’s a bolt catch sensor so we can keep this nice feature and for those who don’t like it, it can be disabled to program the Titan you need an Android phone or a PC with Windows or MacOS as far as I know there’s no Apple store application available but if I’m wrong don’t hesitate to tell me I’m going to install the Titan inside this Tokyo Marui HK417 gearbox and then I’ll be back to show some of the features to you you can switch to the installation right now by clicking the “i” at the top right corner of your screen or go there later, it’s up to you! I’ll now switch to the Titan features sorry about the squelch, my microphone doesn’t like cell phones.

.. I hope the installation went well just take your time and follow the different steps as I told you before, if you’re not sure you can do it, contact a pro! we’ll go through the different features of this Titan when you plug it, the LED turns blue and when it is on-line, it turns green ah, there’s a software update, let’s do it it won’t take long now everything is up to date here are the different settings you can adjust Fire selector mode, there are 6 settings I’ll try safe-semi-burst Pre-cocking, off, auto or trigger pre-cocking boost on low burst mode when the selector is on FULL 3-round burst Rate of Fire stabilization ON RoF control on 100% (max RoF) sniper delay off sniper delay vibration off battery protection, LiPo Battery cell on auto low battery warning, ON minimum voltage per cell, 3.

4V 30-round limit, OFF Cycle detection ON Equalizer on level 2 active breaking on auto Gear ration, standard as you can see, we can’t use DSG nor 19-tooth gears with the Titan NGRS then we can check the different sensors and there is still what they used to call “AUG mode”, now it is two-stage trigger let’s calibrate again now that the rifle is assembled now with the selector fine calibration we can move the boundaries you can watch some statistics about your gun diagnostics in case of problem and here you can swicth to default settings or make a factory reset I’ll unplug and check if my settings are correct two bips, it means the Titan detected a 7.

4V LiPo strange, there’s no pre-cocking I’ll set the boost on medium do I have a 3-round burst? yes reactivity is good but I still haven’t full pre-cocking, I’ll set the boost to strong! and now there’s a complete pre-cocking I’ve set the selector on safe, semi-semi because I’m over 350 FPS I won’t use pre-cocking on this rifle because I don’t need ultra-crisp reactivity and I don’t like letting the piston to the rear here we are, I didn’t want this video to be too long because it is the 6th I make for a Titan I didn’t detailed the features but if you want to know everything, just follow my finger and click the “i” it’ll bring you directly to the detailed video of Titan V3 the features are the same what’s new here is the new trigger sensor and the bolt stop sensor which is really cool because we can keep the blowback and the bolt stop! you can even set a sniper delay, if you like sniping with your 16″ or 20″ HK417! but don’t use too strong springs if you kept the original parts inside the GB! and avoid 11.

1V LiPo batteries too ^^ I’ll play with 7.4V, shoot only in semi; so I’m happy anyway, don’t hesitate to comment and tell me what you think of this new Titan what are your favourite features? What’s your configuration? it is interesting to have feedback on this kind of product please like this video if you liked this video :p follow me on Facebook for the latest news pictures on Instagram and of course my website www.

lantredudingo.com for the reviews, used guns, goodies and so on! go and search, you may have good surprises, there’s a translation tool too! thanks again to GATE for sending the Titan to me if you play next weekend, don’t forget play seriously without taking yourself too seriously and I’ll see you soon in the Lair xoxo


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