Home Airsoft Gameplay Airsoft Gameplay – Zulu24 Shamwow Lockdown

Airsoft Gameplay – Zulu24 Shamwow Lockdown

Airsoft Gameplay – Zulu24 Shamwow Lockdown

all my shoes go god damn it fuck whatever skinny let’s get a nurse again photo my phone look you up check your check I’ll take her side that’s the Anglin armbands are in control our men have no respawn pretty clear up here hope here what’s up gone tango Down oh I see you tilting came down to down to loading mag out gunned down gun up just keep watching it too damn dude am i right all right all right all right contact jack ma you let go get a quickie get running water yeah he’s he’s right that he’s right there I got a thunder be is he gone be a good watch out he’s in the building in this inside okay do you see anybody in the woods we got eight more friendlies last are you coming up next time tango tangos tangles in wood tangles in one where your white sweater and cry about five feet to the left hold them back from right here but yeah I’m running one am I gotta hold back to uh oh wait you using what wait Oh perfect thank you remember save this well you know my gonna okay you got specified with the chomping on thank you for the mac Oh Vic Toews yeah it’s getting warm take it down reloading man I get back out there down in the city guys hey down hey still down there in the woods hit you down take it down hey dude how are you looking for answers okay how was looking tango down down wait where are you yelling there there guys there below us there inside okay very inside yeah here inside hey any armbands answers hey voting reloading reloading


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