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Airsoft Gameplay – Zulu 24 4th Anniversary

Airsoft Gameplay – Zulu 24 4th Anniversary

over there are bed rebuilding that would know our bread which one every spot okay slide it up you see them right guys really do are you playing for picking up blue building excuse me excuse me gucci excuse me you dad you down God few more and they need white building is down do push you gone he’s down it’s a window covered one down hey dude give a dead rag on your head take flag and take names I do but I don’t want to be just distracted right now oh no clear all right yeah they got him God got someone in the kill house yeah his Maddox yeah yeah I’m moving right side blue building hey buddy shooting over your tune over you Tyson Tyson fiction watching kill house okay there you go you’re gonna go your guys are good oh great a move on you in black Mac Mac Mac this little room here in the blue building there’s absolutely no move man work for Kenda to the bullies in total defense yeah yeah push again debuff I’m pushing you into the building pushing you into the building up that didn’t walk oh my god like what they like you yeah Manik Manik hey Redick back further matter get the game online or phone hey hey hey thank you call kill house kill house all right watch out watch out watch out boo boo boo I don’t know that guy’s pretty or not I’m taking them out grey dress Hey look over Oh right settle down right in front of us got one I just got one all right cool no one else is left side there’s two only it was like a good guy got him got one down I said all right pushing out of this room hello


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