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Airsoft Gameplay | Thine | The Clinic – FragMovie

Airsoft Gameplay | Thine | The Clinic – FragMovie

Hello everyone ! Today I share with you a new video in our new field. freshly cleaned, so we just did a short game at PA and Pompe There is still a lot to clean up, but we’ll be going back next week Come on, let’s go for a DM with the friends! in front of me are my 3 colleagues: DavJ, Grimaldus and Vin’s On the right it’s dead, I’m trying another way out! David had the same idea, but I’m faster eheh! Continue, he must have Grimadus and Vin’s nearby, the rest of their team is on top A ricochet hit Vin’s, suddenly he comes out.

3 Michels less, let’s look for the others! Left or right ? Right! I hate the stairs …. There are several dark areas, during the second part I will use my flashlight. I saw a guy at the end of the hall, it will be played to who will be the fastest and most precise He’s in a dark area, it’s going to be hard to get him the first time.

and yet it touches, stroke of luck! I hear people talking in the back left, but I don’t know if it’s the first room or the one behind a lamp ! David is not far, but I also saw Grima ‘ I’m in bad shape, I’ll be forgotten for 5 minutes On my right, things are moving! Bingo! End of progress for me, an ally fire will have got the better of me A little further on, I’m going to do a nice little rush.

I let you appreciate without commenting Let’s go ! End of the little rush, let’s get back to our sheep Here is a delicate situation, the guy’s armband is on his right arm, so I don’t know if he’s with or against me I could’ve shot him, but it’s no use hurting for nothing Here I am going to make a nice shot at a very small angle then I’m lost, I don’t know what to do, there are guys on the right and on the left And in the panic I made a huge noise Which will result in an out! The just a shot at the PA on Vin’s which grazed his ears: D but this one will reach its target As well as this one! And finally, a nice action followed by an excellent DavJ Out on myself! A tactical out lamp of deceit! LoL Thanks for watching me, and see you soon!


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