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Airsoft Gameplay | Thine | New Target

Airsoft Gameplay | Thine | New Target

Hi all ! Today we meet for a new video. no big scenario, just a simple Deathmatch with friends the opportunity for me to test new effects Including one that is used to better visualize the targets demonstration in a few seconds with a nice series of frag (Small vocal “out” on an Orga buddy haha) they were damn surprised to see me here, hence the nervous laughter at the end There are 2 other guys on the terrace of the building.

I saw them pass when I was above Let’s take no risk, let’s aim for the feet I just saw movement on the hill facing me .. but there is our photographer not far from the enemy. if i shoot now the guy might think i saw him because .

. of the photographer’s yellow vest, I’ll wait a bit. (I’m nice I let the guy pose before taking him out hihi) Outch here I narrowly dodge an 870 TM shot! It’s really not gone far … In fact here it is not a player who gets hit.

but this branch! I mustn’t linger here, it smells bad My last hit!


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