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Airsoft Gameplay – The Gaol

Airsoft Gameplay – The Gaol

red coming in bad bad bad I was getting a bit high you know just try the top Paul is did you see that head poking occasionally it’s hot going too far down below down bottom right yeah directly down below right and be a bit dangerous to be honest he’s on the corner of the building just I don’t know if you look through the door frame instead got him housing the side looking driving on those staircases just keep an eye that way in case the current that stairs behind us guy in the tarpaulin is he still there Nazi you can’t see anyone else write down that’s of a guy listen red guy that’s a red guy dead man dead man just sorry Jen yeah sweet back in push it Lutz all right I don’t know if there’s any in there sounds like this impiety going on that one though next up oh yeah you see his feet yeah so my shop type hits yeah all right guys last we saw there on the top floor do you have any beds all right oh yeah see I’ve got the doorway the far end merge it go what what kinda drew go on just in the doorway we’ve got some that fired all the way down there I’ve got some of this story just around the corner on the left just please don’t shoot me yet yeah they’re looking right from this and you ever gonna need no hardly then I got this gun does not like the cold all right get a cup of you moving down the side of that building turn next tarpaulin so we can cover that angle down there there are some in it but we can give you some suppressing some pass he’s got his sights on all right Oh got one got the voice down guy on the left still there we’ll got one on the left are pulling the mode you want us up on the staircase haven’t checked yeah there’s none on the left anymore they’re in the middle and down that right side of the building nicely done staircase up above lads I’ve got bad you behind you pet


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