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Airsoft Gameplay | Slide in the DMs like

Airsoft Gameplay | Slide in the DMs like

what is up guys it is he voice also over here and today I brought you guys some more airsoft game play you guys really like this so definitely be doing more and very soon I’ll be having an unboxing video I’m going to be buying a special Crytek that talked about for a very long time it’s still not out though but I will be in boxing that and a ton of success trees for that gun but yeah are playing at SS black ops once again I’ll be playing here for a long ass time till I get that rifle open playing outdoors you guys are like that but yeah that is it guys make sure you subscribe someone upload and give this video a thumbs up short towards on my airsoft videos and comment down below see you guys next time peace you and charged I’m ship don’t you boys how the building high court I got him all right you triple too No throw on this one top of you triple tail Oh who said game over took took took


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