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Airsoft Gameplay – Skull Dragging

Airsoft Gameplay – Skull Dragging

good good oh wait jungle joe one get plan contact they’ve fallen back ah one second I’m really not sure about that hit the deck coming this way good to go let’s move it forward greens he’s gone Chris did say there’s want to put our two o’clock you got him nice let’s put forward Oh medic yeah is it medic thank you thank you well played then they are no idea there yep he’s gone Roger push forward he’s gone do you down now he’s gone excellent he’s gone well II ok what do you know why that’s a green operant I’m in the town with the silver tape on his gun hello heads thank you hey thank you one down you’ve got it will move your lat hidden he’s neither he’s gone [ __ ] that no [ __ ] pit right our guys are pushing hard on the left we should be able to get around him he’s gone he’s gone down out cuzzo comes out down he’s gone right bunker right bunker and I said never mind these death as well mate can you put on a shitload expressing i’ll just run for it three two one non-stop non-stop gap pet it’s worth it as well then I’ll describe the trainer’s very hard like if you’re not used to your bunk restraint say that you’re cqb plan you’re used to clear lines of sight and clear factory floors to run across you aren’t going to struggle here and the Vice floor itself is very dense with thick Bracken always trying to catch on the energy gears you walk in through it and it can be quite uncomfortable when you hit the day because you might land in a bramble pile


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