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Airsoft Gameplay – Recon e CQB – EXPOINTER – [ 8 câmeras e KillCam ] [English Subtitles]

Airsoft Gameplay – Recon e CQB – EXPOINTER – [ 8 câmeras e KillCam ] [English Subtitles]

Whats up guys! This is Kelonio from Chulé de Coturno We did this RECON in EXPOINTER Exibition Park, here in Rio Grande do Sul. Organized by Spear Head It was a game only for guests, and the aim was to test the place.

aiming at MANOTAÇO event that will take place on May 7 Our mission was to make the security of this villa for 50 minutes defending the opposing team’s attack Let’s Go! It’s ours, it is our there. No! Look there, in black shirt over there.

He is down! He is down! SUPPORT here! Contact here with support! Help here! Help here! Come here, come here. HIT! HIT! There… he is back there. they are shooting from back there. here oh… HIT! Here.

.. on my left here… HIT! Nice mate! Don’t move Jesse! Get back, get back! Get back that I’m on the leg here Cover the corner who is alive. Put it here… down here, down here. Pull Here on the pocket.

… *&ˆ%$#@ !@#$%ˆ&* After we had Chule fully eliminated, we returned to the Respawn and regrouped with the Camouflaged Team. [Staff]: eliminated gets down, eliminated gets down! hey man, there are a lot of people here.

.. can’t we.. there are a lot of people there to… but lets try there now. I hit his foot… iI hit his foot Maintain! Maintain! …they are maneuvering left. they are maneuvering there… he is advancing! he is advancing! he is advancing! He’s down! He’s down! [Team mate]: sniper in the street! ah.

.. I’m hit! We can not go through, but you see that the guys are about to do a retort. I hit him? I think I hit him… I have not seen… Close contact here It is too far? no, the guy ta stuck here… about 5 meters GRENADE! HIT If I fall, I’m not kidding two guys on the corner take it for me.

..take it for me here… They are taking the corner over there [Staff]: 2 minutes out! they are giving back there behind there is no time for those guys get here. after taking the left side of the villa and move forward on the right we block the opposing team’s advancement and fully defend the area completing our mission within 50 minutes.

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