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Airsoft Gameplay Pt.1

Airsoft Gameplay Pt.1

he’s the guns field is out of play otherwise all hop fields that’s no bottle fields no village what no we can get like a couple guys of aedes it’s a normal occupy those rocks and put them back otherwise they have a pretty open wait front that they can abuse so never give you up you guys can make a mad run for it you don’t mind doing that because I got done yeah they’re all the same now hey Lisa isn’t paint all over them inside yeah this is there you know I used to blend the cathode I go can’t see me here sure let’s go with that so sure short yo man just in for a camel to play you pick up on the outside no those are definitely outside no it’s right all right just retarded that was red red on the inside is crys right on the outside see that one huh they put the bill good cool anybody all right guys you ready sure all right game starts in five four three two go say hi I’ll shoot anything can I get them o course I’m gonna she’ll watch friends now right good are you I didn’t see all the teams before they score the hover Oh how many respond get one you got one respawn yeah buddy my casa money buddy buddy fine ah like it where do I respondent I got shot once hey what are you for your spot again you seem to be in a little predicament Thank I damn alright fresh guy is leaving he doesn’t want to get shot no heck with that give me to give me 30 seconds sure


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