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Airsoft Gameplay – Op Village Raid – Explosão e Ponto Forte [3 cam] [ENG SUB]

Airsoft Gameplay – Op Village Raid – Explosão e Ponto Forte  [3 cam] [ENG SUB]

Whats up guys! This is the first video of Operation Village Raid organized by Serra Force, in Carlos Barbosa Our first mission wast to destroy a water tank and build a strong point on the road than, we should to support the rest of our team to take Village Mansion Lets Go! Water tank is gona blow! Water tank is gona blow! Let’s go there! a big part of our mission is there we have guys in that house most of the mansion is ours come straight over here in this here? go fast.

their shots come here we have nothing to do here… stanched here… and if we go behind the house? Guys … your the first mission was to take a high point, don’t you? there… in the street wich Vilella is.

.. No! Up there! you guys have already taken a strong attack and have taken about ten casualties bot in map was here… No! In the map is up there. yes… where we blew up… no, we blew up… but I don’t know why Vilela came down here.

.. their defense position was up there just under C5 yeah… in this bush here… so it was just in the edge… where the sniper was all this line here Hell are you taking a strong attack up there and they are picking up the rear it was Vilela that was supposed to have been there – let’s take Jesse? – Jesse, do you copy? It’s Pedro.

Proceed, Pedro. Listening. Jesse talking. retracts. retracts to do a goal on the road up there oh, ee have our people up there. you want me to go in that house there? see if you can not get closer to that corner there, just to take a look see if have nothing, so give a run to there It is the enemy! is the enemy up there.

He is there! He is up there! He is down! Got one there! Kelonio, cover! cover! cover! let’s get this house! Bianchi! He is up here! is walking on my direction! Rearguard! Up there! Up there! in your direction, Kelônio tan cap, of Action (brand) white cap the sun is on the cap.

You can easly see it don’t expose yourself, Mad – Got it! Got it! Got it! – Nice! Bianchi, it’s Kelonio I’ll get around here behind to see if I can see something it was a shot! it’s far.. yes, but the BBs is getting here.

.. Vilela… is your guys up there or not? HIT! Kelonio, is up there! It’s yours! Get down, Mini Positive! I’m already here, but have no visual yet. Got him here! Tadielo (staff) gave us another mission now we will release this storehouse, get out of here go to 9 Post make a observation base Oh Pedro and Guilherme we will provide coverage for the boys retreated here despite heavy enemy fire support resumed our position on the road Note that communication and organized movement was the differential to resume objective updating information on both sides, always working as a team.

give coverage to Kelonio … stops put the gun in your vest! !@#$%&*… this is your drama! I’ll disable it here after … Do you know that it is there that other house it? yes, yes… with that white door – Did you came from the Mansion? – Yes! Is it ours? Yes! I was alone there.

so let’s go, let’s take it! the last guy in the mansion was ours. the mansion is clean … it was … don’t expose yourselfes on the windows what is the objective? Is it further? – that is the objective! – should we clean it? maintain and keep the observation point on it.

We will wait for their orders. Until then we’ll be defending. After taking the Manor Village and ride the observation post we await the end of time and once again completed the mission. Soon we will have the second part of Op Village Raid.

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