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Airsoft Gameplay – Op Bad Day 2 – Missão 3 – Explosão e CQB – Chulé de Coturno [english subtitles]

Airsoft Gameplay – Op Bad Day 2 – Missão 3 – Explosão e CQB – Chulé de Coturno [english subtitles]

Hey guys! This is Kelônio from Chulé de Coturno This is the third mission of Oparation Bad Day 2, organized by Spear Head This time we started outside of the hotel And our objective was to detonate an explosive in the annex building Completing this step, our objective would be to provide support to the Echo 5 Group Lets go! Hold on! We are going to detonate the explosive here.

Get out… out, out, out… Explosive! @#$%&* I’m deaf! Objective accomplished here. Go lowered… go lowered… Go! Go! Go! Go! HIT! I got ti! I got ti! Overthere! Deep down… deep down… on the right! He is over there.

.. deep down! It’s on my arm. Shot! Give me cover! Wait for more people Let’s clean here! Beware, it leads to the entire floor. There are contact here! CONTACT! Beware, there are people there. I’m on top.

Contact here.. he is there, he is there! He is down! He is down! He is down! there is one more There is one more over there humm… HIT! Ok, send them to come, send them to come! Send then to come quickly! Give them cover and send them to come! On the door! Corridor here! He went there .

.. went deep down over there. Diagonal. Diagonal Diagonal here oh, inside. Diagonal. Medic!!! HIT! Watch your back! Watch your back! No, no! He is yours “B”… B, B… Take care of him. Get down! GET DOWN!!! Give me your arm! He is down! He is down! He is down! I don’t know if there are more.

I just saw this two. He is down.. He is down! He is down! After cleaning this part of the hotel, we found the Echo 5 group, totally eliminated in the lounge We provide the aid, saved them all and conclude once again our mission! That was the last video of this operation and we congratulate the Spearhead Airsoft Team for the excellent event they organized.

If you also enjoied, like our video, leave your comments and subscribe to the channel. In a few days we will be launching our next video it was a RECON we did in the Exhibition Park EXPOINTER Great place with great combats! Thanks! [Echo 5 member]: “Thank you guys!”


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