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Airsoft Gameplay | Milker GO | Tokyo Marui AA-12 & Drum | 60 FPS


Me : We are in democracy, no ? Me : Caca, Squad Leader. Me : Well, thank you. Caca : We’re in trouble ! Me : Fab, Medic. Me : Thank you ! Forest : Forest behind. Me : Pony, who invites us to the restaurant this afternoon. Game on the ground “Milker” of WilTrigger society. My first time in this small CQB. Mission : 3 teams and one girl by team. We must try to capture all the girl. You know Pokemon GO ? And there are women’s voices in the blue building… AA-12 with Drum and M45. It smells some finest gameplay… Me : That was a bit complicated with the other player front of you. Me : I’m sorry if you have taken other BBs. So, we start again… Finally ! The entrance of the blue building ! Me : For once, I’m glad to have the respawn point nearby.FOE : The BBs have ricocheted on the shield, I took it on the chin. Me : I’ll come back soon ! We must find a solution… FOE : Contact ! Contact ! FOE : Okay. I surrender ! Me : Stock kick ! Me : At one point, he must do something. Me : Excuse me. I shot the second girl. Caca : Fab ! I will %&#$* you ! Caca : My fat ! Me : 250 FPS ! Milker have also some dark areas. I need a system on the AA-12 to put a flashlight. Me : Well … It’s a bit both of us. FOE : Mutual “OUT”, that’s good for me. Girl : So, I’m not captured. Me : No, no … The difference between good and bad hunters? The use of reasonable decoys.Me : There are some ennemies here. Apparently it does not work… Pony : Do you remember where it is? Me : Yeah. Pony : Forest, come. We will retrieve the objects. Me : There’s nobody on the right ? Pony : I do not know. Me : Just on the other side of the wall. It remains one ennemy . Forest : Fab, just around the corner. Caca : You want me to go where ? Me : It’s right there. Me : Well, it is OUT. FOE : You’re in luck ! Me : There is always an element of luck. Me : I got you, or …? FOE : Yes ! I just looking for my red scarf. .


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