Home Airsoft Gameplay Airsoft Gameplay – ICS MARS DMR dominating the field

Airsoft Gameplay – ICS MARS DMR dominating the field

Airsoft Gameplay – ICS MARS DMR dominating the field

HIT! Hit… Hit… What’s happening? – They’re shooting… – Oh really? Is that how it looks like? I’m scared, I’m scared Did you break it? Here we go Behind the tree How’s behind the tree? Where’s he? Where are they Cap? They are everywhere!!! Be careful! They can be behind those trees Trees.

.. Let me check them first Which one? There Ok You’ll have to crawl here bro You’ll have to crawl here bro. Nah Damn It was the referee Yep. Did you kill him? Nope. He was too far. Well It’s clear Are you sure? Well, those trees are clear You can move forward but check your left No one is looking at you now, Go! – They are shooting at me Kenny, get cover.

I can see them. Kenny check their respawn spot Kenny, I can reach them from here easily Yep yep yep Damn I just don’r know what’s happening at their respawn Hold on The sniper is over there. look Got him One down, Where is he? Look from this spot.

Do you see the tree this tall See it? Sniper is over there – Got it Be careful, over there Sniper is down! Careful BROOOO! Faster! They can shoot you! Oh F*. Hit! How could they reach from this far? It was a direct hit buddy.

.. Didn’t I get you? There’s a newbie sitting there Done? Finally he called it!? I was hitting him all this time! I swear! Me either… Obama (team mate) attaboy! He’s crawling to their positions Saigak (team mate) hold fire! Hold hold hold! I’m passing.

.. don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot my balls! AAAA! Well Let’s see Looking around… – (Ref) Craft team are fearless, They just run into the enemy – Got him! I GOT HIM! Attaboy! He’s dead Pers Good job buddy.

I got a mag with 0.3 bbs, All my shot’s went over his head! Come out… – (Radio Chat) If you want to move forward, It’s all clear Nope! Abort! Abort! – (Radio Chat) I don’t know who is there under the trees, You can move forward, it’s all clear up to the pool He’s under those trees – Under those trees? – Yes Hey, enemies, let’s make peace.

.. I can pay you =) Ah! Got him! Do you see him? I can see where is he shooting from Maybe I should try? Look If you can see where my bb’s are going Yep I see them He’s somewhere around there – Got it – He’s apparently in a ditch – He is shooting over my head.

– Let’s swap our positions And where shoud I go then? Idk There’s someone behind that concrete mixer – What concrete mixer? – It’s way over there at your 12 What’s up with the concrete mixer? It’s mixing some concrete =) There he is! That’s the sniper! He ran away But he can reach us from there Guy under the tree is down one more down Hit! Here they go! From the left.

All of them or on the left side – Pers are you dead? – Nope. I’m just strolling around Got one of them. Attaboy! Good throw! One more down There’s one more! No. I got the second one too. One more guy, at the same spot! Cover me! Cover me!!! Hit him a LOT of times =) Fellas, they are coming out of their respawn.

I’m in position Right at the corner One more down – (Radio Chat) Roger. I’ll let him come a bit closer and then I’ll shoot Cap What’s up? Who’s where? One down The guy on the corner is down, move in Hit! Damn right into my ankle.

I saw the bb flying right to me And TAK, F*


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