Home Airsoft Gameplay Airsoft Gameplay FR – RATS battlefield with WE PX4 – 4K

Airsoft Gameplay FR – RATS battlefield with WE PX4 – 4K

Airsoft Gameplay FR – RATS battlefield with WE PX4 – 4K

Hello everybody! Let’s go for a CQB gameplay with pistol and shotgun only! I play with the RATS team and with my good boy PX4! You can find my PX4 kit list on the description What you will see is not in the order of the game but you should not be distrubed by that The objective is to go inside the ennemy base and take their flag.

If we go out of their base with the flag, we win the point. Well I fired a lot with this mag, so it’s empty, normal It’s maybe old but it still works very well this beloved PX4 <3! Totally fucked action Oh damn I didn't see him! Incomprehensible that he didn't feel my bbs even if I shoot his chest only.

But anyway, that could happen 🙁 I didn’t make a pistol only gameplay since a while 😉 Well, as I didn’t wear a plate, I should feel his bbs, but honestly I hate raging on the field, I go out, everybody is happy and it stops 🙂 By example here I’m not sure I have been hit, but in the doubt, I prefer go out 😉 We change sides, it was not a success ^^ Hey what is this hand which go out 🙂 What is it? a cut? Oh it was a diversion, nice! :p We didn’t manage this action at all ^^ You can notice I don’t play in CQB often, I hesitate all the time! This video is now over, I hope you liked it.

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