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Airsoft gameplay en Spartan | ENG SUB

Airsoft gameplay en Spartan | ENG SUB

hello YT friends i’m Nicole and here’s a new gameplay where we went to Sparta field with some teammates Azimut, Galán and Elektra.. so, I leave some footage of the field and a game mode where we had to defend and I was cordenered in a box leave in the comments if you prefer to defend or attack in this type of gamemode and don’t forget subscribe shot Well, and this is the situation I was talking about how do I get in here? I do not know, I just know that there is someone shooting at me and I can get out of here I leave you with the video so you understand how I get to this situation and watch if I can escape.

there they come, two on the left we have to defend this pseudo construction we must prevent the enemy team entering the place to a room inside Hello (stupid voice) – I feel we are in a bad position here the problem is that it was very difficult to find a good place to cover myself we received enemy fire from all sides – from above, from the right – We’re screwed, maca.

but the worst part is that we received fire enemy from the heights, which kept me very distracted – there is no cover here I am covered only from my right – Nicole, the BBs are passing very close from your helmet – yes, i know, i see it -Maca, in front of us – i cant arrive at there with the BBs – look, he crossed walking – watch out up there! – what is there? two keep it, do not let him cross – one by one they started to hit to my teammates shot, shot! – his mistake was not to enter the objetive room to win – his is when am totally trapped, at the time I reload – the opponent takes place and does not allow me to leave here the BBs are Hiting the table waiting for the moment to appear and regain position incredibly and without understanding how to hitted the enemy I could get out so I started to look around (enemy player) i arrived! the perspective of the camera shows as if I had seen her, but it was not like that 🙁 so, we lost I hope you liked this video, do not forget to subscribe and share it


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