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Airsoft Gameplay Deutsch | Friendly Fire auf der Area M


The situation is very tense my nerves are on edge and then it happens hey guys, Geonox here welcome to a new airsoft video this is my first time at the airsoft field Area M and today is my fourth time playing airsoft the field is located in a forest there are many hiding spots behind trees, bushes and hills but the special feature are the numerous bunkers that are located along several streets the other players are very friendly and open and it is fun to chat about airsoft the best hobby in between the games a special thank you to the orga who gave all beginners a very warm welcome the game play was always a lot of fun all day thanks to chaning game modes game start game mode is domination I’m in team blue the enemy is team red the goal is to gain as much ground as possible I hear something from the right Hit.The Enemy is out that was much easier than with my sniper my primary for today is the Ares Amoeba M4 my sidearm is the CMYA Glock 18 AEP movement in front Hit The enemy raises his hand to signal the hit I need to check those boxes thats the eliminated enemy over there the ares is clear down here theres a way between two bunkers I have to be very quiet there is a street the other side the forest is enemy territory I spot 3 enemies they do not expect contact here I eliminate two of them one is missing Shots fired in my direction but I cant see him where did he go? branches cracking behind me Team mate: blue, blue! they are from the blue team good thing I didnt fire Geo: Down there Geo: Behind the green net we can get him Geo: Cover me.I’m going in I will get him too HIT that didn’t go as planned I was too impatient I respawned I am back in the game I try to get to the front as quick as possible it is most crucial to gain as much ground as possible Geo: In that direction Geo: Here I tel the sniper where the shots are coming from the enemies on the other side are firing back Geo: we are stuck here we are sitting ducks we need a different route Geo: Where? Teammate: Straight ahead my teammate rushes the right flank he won’t make it on his own he is hit HIT and so am I Orga: go around them Orga: always flank we have to work together we have to cover eachother and how you can see that is much better the walking alone we are a squad and together me gain a lot of ground this part of airsoft the teamwork is was I like most Teammate:cover that direction Teammate: You go the situation is very tense my nerves are on
edge and then this happens Geo: Upsi?! Sorry Orga: OK?! Geo: Nervous shot Orga: That’s how people get killed Ogra: Careful, please don’t shoot my finger touched the trigger and I almost shot my teammate concentrate pull your s**t togehter enemy contact they spotted us right there behind that hut there’s an enemy Geo: How far? shot in our direction.We are stuck Geo: in that direction my teammate covers me teammate: 3 guys Geo: three? teammate: right there Geo: Let’s get behind that hill I cover him so he can cross Geo: are they friendly? Teammate: I don’t know Geo: No, not friendly Geo: red, red, red we have reached the front line my mag is empty reload this is taking too long I need to improve my reloading skills we sneak forward two teammates in front are out Geo: HIT I am also hit that was a fun round I pull my deathrag to signal the enemy that I am already hit today was my first time with the Ares Amoeba M4 The Lipo battery lasted all day there were no feeding problems that means shots fired everytime I pulled the trigger no matter how fast I fired there was not a single jam that’s it for today I hope you enjoyed it if you did, leave a thumbs up I would like to know which gun you rock and whether you are happy with it I am looking forward to your feedback and I will see you next time bye bye


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