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Airsoft Gameplay – Caribbean crisis, team work.

Airsoft Gameplay – Caribbean crisis, team work.

Sponsored by AirSoft-RUS. Hello everyone, this is RedArmyAirsoft. I’m Alexander Yevgenevich. This is a gameplay from 7th of May near the town of Polevskoy. Game was called “Cuban missile crisis” and there was 3 of us: Me, Groot and Dvuhsoty (200th).

They had AKs, I had HPA Tokyo Marui VSR-10. I hooked cameras on the guys, but not myself, because I’m not a good sniper yet, so there’s not much I can show. Later I will, when I get some experience. Although I regret I didn’t film that day.

Scenario moves us back to the far 1962 and the times of Cold War between US and USSR. Action takes place in Cuba. I won’t overload you with information now, link’s in the description if u’re interested (in Russian).

USSR side is to protect the missiles, capture the US flag and the briefcase. US side is to capture the missiles, USSR flag and the briefcase. 50 points for a briefcase and 50 for flag. 25 for each missile.

There’s 4 of them. Loading mags with BBs is allowed only at respawns or near the ammo crate, which, therefore, will also influence the course of the game. Our group is called “Hunter”: Me, Groot, Dvuhsoty, Gluck and Trent.

Our task is to find and capture enemy items. Our objective is to find the enemy commander and collect his briefcase. We will make a lap from here. From this ravine, passing the respawn and through the forest.

And appear from their back, gradually scouting the territory. Going quietly, trying not to engage any skirmishing. Avoiding unnecessary contacts, retreating or falling back. Or passing by. If we’re not 100% sure we can handle it.

We spent some time on the way as we moved without drawing attention. Making stops to coordinate the route, report situation and our location to the HQ. See the houses beyond that clearing? We’re probably here.

HQ: Hunter! Friendlies at Base №2, watch your fire So we checked everything here, now there. We gotta cross this river. Like over here. And then another one. After that we stop. Ok, let’s go. Evgenevich: Let’s move.

Vanya, look behind, I’m leaving my position. 200: Seemed like movement up the riverbed, gotta check. Stay here and look around for a while. When we move farther over there, follow us. If you see someone, call it out.

We made loops around shady places, leaving me as an observer. We gotta check that place u saw something at. We’re here already, there’s nothing. Turn right then. It’s important not to let someone follow us unnoticed.

We get to the riverbed and follow it. Evgenevich: All’s quiet, waiting. There’s some crap all around here, I hope it’s not a bear. – U would be invisible, if not the blue tape. – Rly? – I thought so too.

– Cover it with twigs. After 40 minutes we finally reached the target. Building dead ahead. Sasha, come here look throught your optics. I see either orange or red rag. Evgenevich: Moving in, cover me.

What have u got? Building there. Red rags over there. Probably respawn. No more rags. I’ll move to that thick tree and observe. If something’s wrong I’ll move back, don’t open up. I moved forward to see what’s there.

Wait while he’s looking. Hold fire. Place was protected by several enemies, there’s definitely something out there. We secured the perimeter and prepared to attack from behind to surprise them. 2 enemies headed our way, I stealthily got one with my rifle.

Don’t see him, how copy? HQ: Enemy commander is killed, we got codes. Now we gotta find missiles. Evgenevich: Second guy is coming at you. 10 o’clock. Hunter to HQ: Roger that. Please confirm. The second enemy came up too close.

We made some noise and pulled back. Contact! Fall back Misha, stand up now! I see noone, crawling back. Shots right of the road. Got it, falling back to Gluck. Gluck, pull back, I’ll cover. HQ: Jaeger group is headed your way.

I was still watching the enemy chechpoint, while guys were checking the right flank. Gluck has a contact right, Misha fall back. Get on the ground. Trent, move back if possible. Gluck ran into the enemy and was killed.

Trent got his killer. Coming to you. – Did u see where he got killed from? – Yeah, I got it. – Awesome, u got no radio, but u hear everything? – Yeah. Evgenevich, what’s going on there? Evgenevich: Enemy is quiet.

Missile is there. I think it’s time! 2 guys on the road. We had to act, while enemies were inactive. Our allies will attack from the front. I will snipe whom I can from the rear. Groot will get closer and use grenades.

Dvuhsoty will cover the left, Trent – right. Hunter calls HQ, how copy. HQ: Jaeger is commencing attack. Missile is in our sight, we heard gunfight, called out on the radio if they needed support, no respond.

I see enemy in the bunker. Evgenevich: Roger that, moving out. U see? Shoot his ass! U got him? Evgenevich: Can’t hit, they got down. Close in on them. We’re getting shot at. Evgenevich: One running to the left.

I got one. U got a guy in the tent? Was that him? Evgenevich: Probably, but he got down, there’s some of them. See if you can get a shot on them. Sasha, cover me, I’m moving in. Evgenevich: Watching the window, start the assault.

Sasha, gimme cover! Misha, is there someone in the tent? I don’t see. Sasha says there’s another one there. Got it, move in quietly. Dvuhsoty, cover me, I’ll toss a grenade. Dvuhsoty how copy? I gotcha.

Explosion is sponsored by “BOOMS” airsoft pyrotechnics shop. Link in the description (in Russian). Friendly! Friendly! I’m friendly! Don’t shoot! Blue team! Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! Friendly! CEASE FIRE! FRIENDLY! FRIENDLY! STOP SHOOTING! Misha, pay attention to the house.

BLUE TEAM NEAR THE BUNKER! Is the bunker empty? Probably, 3 guys came out. – That’s a grenade. – F*cking cover me. Groot’s AK: Vanya, you left me in the bushes, and u got no secondary, WTF? Blue team! Someone left their BB’s and grenade.

BLUE TEAM IS COMING OUT! Blue! Blue! Blue! BLUE! Got it! Coming! Where’s the missile? Bunker is clear, how copy? We gotta move the missile. Hit! Can’t u hear? Sry, I thought there was many of you. Ready to move the missile.

He was f*cking hiding in that bush. Trent ran into a ghillie sniper in the bushes and died. Dvuhsoty got the sniper, now the missile is to be taken to respawn. *Talks about friendly fire* Let’s get it.

Taking the missile. Got u covered. Watching the forest. Pack it up. Misha, cover. Over f*cking here. F*cking come here! Need cover! – Grab it. – Ho. So f*cking heavy! We won’t carry it. We need two more guys.

F*ck me! – Hold on, wait! Too f*cking heavy! – Go, go ,go! Dam…Misha. Dammit, Misha! – Halt, down it! – Shut up. – I f*cking can’t! – When we cross the road. Drop it. It’s a stop. – We need 2 more men! – Whatever, f*ck it.

I stole their crate, Sasha! They got our guy! – I can take it alone. – U mad bruh?! Get some help! There’s a guy! Get over here! Grab it! Grab the crate! – Someone’s there. Friendlies? – Friendlies…

Don’t scare them. Congrats, take it to the spawn 😀 2 missiles, briefcase and the f*cking crate. Now f*cking flag! Why’ve we brought this? There was no flag there. Only the briefcase. Who puts missiles with a case?! – Why did we go? – Dunno, lemme suck on this.

– We did good though. – Don’t u close it? I do. Leave weapons here? – U gotta take it to respawn. – F*cking disaster! Our mission got our team +25 points, and left enemy without ammo for their mags. It was the second missile, codes were captured.

Two more missiles and the flag were captured by others and we won. At the end everybody got some tasty rice pilaf and tea. That’s all, I hope you enjoyed, we try. Subscribe for new gameplays and more, see you soon!


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