Home Airsoft Gameplay Airsoft Gameplay. Armored War VIII in Russia: Richmond on fire. Part 3.

Airsoft Gameplay. Armored War VIII in Russia: Richmond on fire. Part 3.

Airsoft Gameplay. Armored War VIII in Russia: Richmond on fire. Part 3.

Hey everyone, this is RedArmyAirsoft, I’m Alexander Evgenevich. We’re still battleing at Wargame 8. The assault on Richmond is still going on, and now I’m the gunner of our offroad. I’m using my M4 though, besause the MG’s box won’t feed it with BBs.

So…More and more armor and manpower had been concentrating here. Our command was going to just swarm the enemy. As usually, our group has to drive in, find a nice place for the mortar, and start shelling trenches from behind the offroad.

– My dear viewers. You are now witnessing a massive attack on Richmond. We were slowly closing in on Richmond. Eventually we were face to face with the enemies, within a mortar shot. My role here is suppressing firing points and not letting to approach the offroad.

There won’t be any usual hit markers in this video, because it was completely unclear – if it was me hitting from this far, or some of the friendlies. – I’m reaching them. – Enemy BTR is out! – Grenade! *that was close* – Turn sideways!!! – Left of the BTR.

– Right in the side! – I can’t get him, it’s too far. I’ll spare my mag. – Traverse already!!! – Look, rocket launcher! – He’s f*cking aiming! Allies kept advancing, while we were standing still, shooting away with mortar.

I was quiet puzzled over the infantry lining up like that, and wave by wave going forward, while being shot from the forest on the right. It would be much better to enter this forest. Hopefully some conclusions will be made and this isn’t happening again.

– What is this? Again? Went all at once and died. – Vehicle is out, retreat! – Our BTR is out. – End to the offensive. – We need to push the forest. – I don’t get why they stay on the road. – Yeah, that’s dumb.

They could jump into any of those trenches. – Guys. Running on the road is in vain. Gather a big group on the side of that forest and attack. – They’re already stuck on the other side. – You have to push in the forest, dying on the road doesn’t get us anything.

It was decided to move closer, providing cover within the infantry’s range of fire, also allowing the mortar to shoot farther. – Wedge formation. – Let’s get to the BTR! – Forward! Forward! Forward! – Move! – Grenade! – F*cking move! – Are we dead? I cut out the tedious shooting where we were hit again.

Now we’re headed to the respawn. When we returned, Richmond had already been taken and Mikhail Galustyan was having a lunch. Vehicles couldn’t move during the night phase, so we wanted to play until 2 or 3 a.

m., and get a good sleep. Then wake up ASAP, and start using the offroad again. But we had to complete different missions during the night, for what we were awarded on the final form up. – Congrats… This is a small episode with a team, that wanted to go sleep, but had a slick commander.

Why just go to sleep…Go die in New Orleans, that way you’ll get to the camp faster. They went…On the way they found something, that they had to take to the other side of the map… Then they met a dude in a white smock, had to take him somewhere.

..And so the night passed over! After making that big circle they came back and said: “You motherfu…” And I was like: “Good job guys, now pass Houston…Some activity there, you’ll die and that’s it.

” They came there and defended it. Getting to bed took some time. For obvious reasons there’s no footage from the night phase. Here’s our pictire with the captured enemy flag at 4 a.m. Here we are on our way to the camp.

Mud therapy…look at these fresh faces! Mineral baths before going to bed. After 2 hour sleep we mounted the offroad and went storming Chicago. Leave a thumb up, comment, and watch the assault on Chicago in the next episode.


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