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Airsoft Gameplay. Armored War VIII in Russia: Fury Road. Part 4. 8-е Сутки на Броне.

Airsoft Gameplay. Armored War VIII in Russia: Fury Road. Part 4. 8-е Сутки на Броне.

Translated by Eduard Sulimov Hi everyone! You’re on Red Army Airsoft channel, it’s Alexander Evegenievich This is the last gameplay from Armored War VIII This’s the morning of the second day. After a saturated night operation we had 2-hour nap and now we must return to the battle There wasn’t any time for preparations, so I put on the spare dry coat, dry trousers, grabbed my JPC with magazines, rucksack with HPA-cylinder, rifle and ran to the jeep, where my comrads were waiting me A few time left to the end of the game and headquarters told us to clear the road for Chicago and, if it’s possible, to catch the flag.

Well, let’s give a try! The battle started right at the beginning -OK, let’s go! -It’s OK, it’s OK! The rules of destructing the vehicles are simple: the first shot – vehicle can’t move (if driver didn’t repair it) the second shot – vehicle is destroyed -Shoot it just a little higher, it’s really near -Wait, wait!!! -From where? -Safety lock! -Do it! The first hit, vehicle is knocked out -Again! -Wait, safety lock! -Everything’s OK! -F*ck -Hit! APC is destroyed Bonus! 🙂 Infanrtry is also hit -Give that to me -Here -Hit! -Look on the right! -It’s OK! -Safety lock! I tried to shoot to the left from the vehicle to hit the infantry, but every time I hit the turret or side of vehicle -You should fire to the left -You’ve hit someone -OK, safety lock! -Someone hit us! -By what?! -Knocked out! We’re knocked out and driver goes out to repair the car -Who hit us?! -Take a rifle! -I can go out and repair the car.

I have 3 min for that -Move out -I hit the one After repairing we’re going further -(on the radio) The reinforcements are coming to you now! -Fellow, they’re on the right! Stand still! -There’re yellow on the left, aren’t it? -Yes, there’re yellow on the left! -Where? -Over there!!! -Look, goddamnit, they don’t see you! -Yeeeeeeaaaah! -Vova, we can’t fucking die!!! After a few time we cleared the road to Chicago and began the assault There was a very-very little time left to the end of the game -What? -APC is hit! -I must hit it the second time? -Twist it more, more!! -(on the radio) ATTACK CHICAGO!!! -We’re hit -(on the radio) ATTACK CHICAGO!!! -Who shoots? -Near APC -We hit it! -From where are they? -From the left! -Take off the shield! -Careful, careful -Yeeeeeaaaah -Let’s go, baby! -Well, APC is destroyed! -Grenade -On the left! -I can’t lean out now -Don’t do it, they’ll hit you -Oh, back it up and shoot an RPG, goddamn -It stands stll, everybody’s hit -No, it doesn’t stand still! -Stands! -Stands! -What?! There’s a driver inside! -There’s someone on the tank, ask him -Where’s it?! Give me that motherf*cking shit! -On the left a grenade is going to hit us -OK, put it on! -Let’s hide behind the tank -Yes, yes, good idea! -We’re hit! -Well, we’re knocked out, stand still -Throw a f*cking grenade there, in the trees! -Are there any grenades? -Are we hit the second time?.

.. -Yes… We had been knocked out and soon after that we were destroyed with the second shot There was no reason to go to the death-zone, so we decided to see the end of assault -Keep it Unfortunately we didn’t catch Chicago’s flag I hope this video was interesting for you.

If it’s true Like it, leave your comments below and share this video with friends All this really helps us to develop our channel and motivates to make new videos That’s all! Goodbye! And don’t switch the channel 🙂 -These are fired cartridges!


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