Home Airsoft Gameplay Airsoft Gameplay. Armored War VIII in Russia. Atlanta mud bath. Part 1.

Airsoft Gameplay. Armored War VIII in Russia. Atlanta mud bath. Part 1.

Airsoft Gameplay. Armored War VIII in Russia. Atlanta mud bath. Part 1.

Hey everyone, you’re watching RedArmyAirsoft, I’m Alexander Yevgenevich. This is the first gameplay video from Wargame 8. Before seeing all the footage I planned 2 videos, but there will be more. Game starts.

Our group is called “Strikeart fireteam”. It consists of: an offroad crew, a mortar detachment and a small covering team. We are to provide fire support, destroy enemy armor and so on. Simply said: We see armor – we fire rocket launchers.

During an assault, we deploy mortar, shell enemy trenches, bushes and so on. Mortar is covered by the mounted MG and a few men. Initially we planned getting to Pittsburgh, then hitting Phoenix and Boston.

But the route made some adjustments and we got stuck between Houston and Atlanta. – We’re not gonna make it here. – There’s another way via Richmond. – How about dumping some weight? Everybody out! We decided to reach Atlanta, and then see what we could do.

Our ride was dragged by KamAZ, we went by foot. – Let’s go! – We could use some chains. When we reached the high ground, a message from the commander came in: Enemy was attacking Atlanta from the Manchac swamps.

We deployed the mortar and got into positions. – You’re in the Army! – Give us some cover here. – Fire in the hole! Enemy activity was minimal. Nothing interesting. Rain made it even worse. Nothing could move.

Even the BTRs were stuck. MTLBs were trying to pull them out. – How is the epic war movie doing? – Nohow yet. – While we were holding off, Sasha disembarked right by us. Where have you been? What are you up to? – I was far off in the swamps, near the New Orleans.

It’s pretty much like a real New Orleans. There was nothing to do, so I went around looking to shoot some armor… And here I am. After some time we were ordered to support an attack on Richmond. In fact it was just about the only suitable road for wheeled vehicles.

Strikeartmobile moved out. So did we. We ran into an enemy BTR roaming behind our lines. Then the fight started. I was instantly hit by a random BB. So I went shooting from a distance with big zoom. Sorry for the shake.

BTR was hit with an RPG. Infatry was gunned down with the MG. Strikeartmobile won! We spawned in, regrouped and took off to Richmond. You’ll see the attack in the next episode. Please leave your likes and comments.

And don’t switch your YouTube channel! That is some Mad Max!


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