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Airsoft Gameplay. Afghanistan airsoft Milsim – G9 Rock Avalanche

Airsoft Gameplay. Afghanistan airsoft Milsim – G9 Rock Avalanche

general sponsor of the channel airsoft store airsoft rus high-high in the mountains the Taliban live and today we will meet him memory 200 it is milsim game g9 police which includes countries of nato rfc against separatists and Taliban, our team is on the side of the Taliban, and I went here and dima the mechanics of the game are different from the usual become god there are wounded medicine and crying and juices of real life and hits where you stand here such a random card and see what’s wrong with you happened depending on where they got it u20 convenience gear won’t snare games statutory tariffs have converge already they keep them Have they been carried over Have they been found also attacked the coalition checkpoint and patrol he road the goal of the coalition find u lay down all the caches ha began and our first task was to bring the boxes from the supper to the hiding places 3 again, it was possible that the years of descent were without wool having delivered the boxes, we disguised them and did not receive specific orders what to do further less pretend between him and go on checkpoint for reconnaissance on any day, keep all equipment and weapons with you only a similar knife stayed dima in St.

Petersburg for a second the villagers came out behaving like animals and the fibers came to swim with me fishing rod slightly distracted, let’s go closer nights I am a merchant I sell everything a magician we are a caravan poppy dwarf our salam aleikum we feed the bed of the long-timers to my magician extinguish into something interested in giving you a little macat for testing good khimki just picked it off and what scent buy cheap 3 and you will lose weight this guy, look how evil he shot before landing, he pulled on himself in general, what a powerful meal now, and we will go to eat, they were not talkative and did not want to let everything in and got the soldiers, we returned to the cache and took away the weapon what to attack bypassing the block after we ourselves hugged another group and you didn’t get into pieces flooded balloon elevated terrain gave the coalition an advantage, therefore to go screaming attack would be suicide and many pastors from afar, we decided to retreat hoping that knowledge will come out chase we will become equal to the checkpoint it was impossible to take our task it was just to scare the soldiers by the crime of one of ours they fell in the stomach we did not have time to bandage him when he bled out and died and you to lose a point abruptly, we decided to bring here to the base for about 50 minutes like running around sawing sort of an attempt to drag off here 4 was they successfully draw a good one route to drag him to the base and taking a little rest you again lost so peaceful and go to the checkpoint, this time with grenades and do you want wine with a gun found a gift found some if you drank on take it easy we don’t want to go hands show what kind of evil and began to trade and left chest gave me his gun so that I stayed and left with Dima farther if into this evil and narrow again I would have killed him imperceptibly absorbing logs on this the first part ends with the next series of explosions chase screams and much more subscribe to the channel so as not skip everyone bye


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