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Airsoft Gameplay – Я дракон! Im Dragon!

Airsoft Gameplay – Я дракон! Im Dragon!

Sponsored by “AirSoft-RUS”. Hi everyone. This is a Sunday game at “Delta” airsoft club. More than 40 people are taking part today. There is plenty of them you see. It will be intense. Frankly, I didn’t plan on playing today.

But Dvuhsoty came up to me and said: «King Arthur! We’re under attack!» «No time to explain!» «Take the pistol, put on the dragon suit and get out to the ground!» Michael (Dvuhsoty) always has lots of odd ideas for scenarious.

But this time I thought it could really be fun. So I’m going to dress up… Hey, I’m a kind of a dragon. And now half of the people will be hunting me. Today’s scenario is called “Dragon Robbery”. Hey!.

.We didn’t discuss that! Defending team. And attacking team. Orange team has the Dragon. He has 6 items. Blue team has to steal them. Whenever the Dragon is “killed” he drops 1 item. Blue team has to pick up and take all of ’em to their respawn.

Dragon will keep running around. Orange team has to follow and to protect him. Can he shoot?! He also has a pistol. Does he shoot everyone?! I only shoot the blue team. Give him a flamethrower! He shoots only the Blue! He has 6 lifes! The last one is his “hand”! If he dropped it he’s completely “dead”.

As soon as Blues get the “hand” game is over. Blue team respawns every 2 minutes. Orange team — every minute. Not gonna rush around, my leg’s crippled. What an ass! Gotta stick to you. I got Dragon Scales — immune to Friendly Fire.

As privately directed by Dvuhsoty I was ought to: Move around the entire game area. Not to sit out on one place. And not to “die” in the Orange area so that the Blues could pick up the items. WAAAGH! Fuck! Damn wait! Whatcha waitin for?! Follow the Dragon! 5 lives remaining.

Darn it! Dragon is hit! Get him! Secure this item! U fkin died already?! Where’s dat imbecile? Halt! Stand still! Dragon is here! 4 lives remaining. Why the fuck u run to them? I’ma fool. Move! Someone lost their hand! 3 lives remaining.

A’ight. No more monkey business. Time for a Dragon Rage! Heading straight for the enemy’s respawn! Running around I figured that enemies have settled on both flanks. And totally forgot about the middle.

I mean they probably aren’t expecting someone to run straight in between two fires. That’s exactly where I’m going! You… Ugh u bitch! Fuck! Got him! There’s another one back there! 1 life remaining.

U gona get killed there! Room on the right! On him! Let’s flank. Over here. That’s all! I’m dead! That’s it. I hope you guys didn’t get bored watching this. Goodbye for now! Meanwhile summer season draws near and soon we will start filming outdoors!


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