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Airsoft Gameplay · OVERRUN · Barracones · GoPro hero4 [ENG SUBS]

Airsoft Gameplay · OVERRUN · Barracones · GoPro hero4 [ENG SUBS]

Hi guys, this time we came back to Barrack in Canyelles A place where we really enjoy to play It’s a really big field, with not too much trees and a majority of shrubberies. There are several sheds in parallel so it offers a really nice gamemode And that day the mission consists basically in two different size missiles The biggest ones, previously deactivated by CDs which had to be found And finally when they were deactivated, we had to order an extraction to bring them to the base This was done by radio and a vehicle carry out the extraction of the missile.

The other missiles were in briefcases, so the transport could be individual and easier. Some of you know that in this airsoft field, they use vehicles for the transportation It’s such a good use of them, and they bring dynamism to the game.

And nothing else, the teams have to accumulate points doing extractions of the missiles to their bases. Our squad was composed by Didi, Slapfox, Beatdones, Monchi and me, Equis. So enjoy the gameplay! Through the middle of those sheds Pass in front Didi GO! Who speaks? Didac, didac, go to the front! We have to enter inside the building Monchi stop! Take off my breacher Didac, we have to go in! Hit! Go inside, go inside! It’s Didac outside, I’ll cover you Sanitary hit! They shoot me in the nuts! I’ll lose them! Sanitary! Guys, we have to do a perimeter, a vehicle is coming and it’ll do an extraction! Here Monchi, at 12! Medic! Sanitary! Monchi can you cover our rear? Don’t let nobody get inside here! Advance! I can see somebody stick to the wall, stick to the wall I’ll open my shot vision Let’s go, let’s go! Run! Stick, stick to the car Keep yourself covered wherever we receive the fire behind the car Monchi, Ricky go inside the briefing zone Not yet, hold on, hold on! Now now now! Stop, stop There’s one enemy behind the window, keep covered Okey Didac, go there and tell them to continue pushing The radio it’s switched on? Will I go in the front? Where’s ricky? Ricky can you hear me? Put your hand up if you hear me We have to kill the enemy through the door, the windows are covered by ricky Safe deposit box here! the door Continue pushing guys Monchi come back, you’re alone Peep out Ah! Hit hit! One here, one at the end Everybody let push out the enemies


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