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Airsoft Game | Thine – Team BAM | Highlander, le secret !

Airsoft Game | Thine – Team BAM | Highlander, le secret !

Hello everyone, today no video editing, but a compilation of the biggest aberrations of my last part .. “You go out!” ” Why ? ” “I had you full head when I put you out!” Note all the same the very “diplomatic” way of the “organizer” of expressing himself .

. and that’s just the beginning .. Let’s go back a bit to see the passage in question So, hit or not hit? Let’s check again by turning up the volume Obviously you pulled aside, so before getting on your high horse you should maybe start by looking at what you are shooting Another aberration, I am ambushed, I let a guy approach, I shoot 4 balls, 2 hits the guy, and well no he settles me after taking the balls and so I go out Also note that the rules of engagement were semi automatic, if that’s semi me I’m Rambo I cut the video too early, because then I explain to the guys that since this morning they still have trouble feeling the marbles.

Another equally strange action. Did he fall under the marbles or did he just cross out after being hit twice? hmm .. Let’s meet up with this same guy a few minutes later. “You are Out!” Hmm .. I am Out .

. he is Out .. but strangely he keeps shooting! Well no, obviously he doesn’t want to go out .. in fact I understood, the goal of the game is to touch the guys with the hands, you know the cat perched, it’s the same! So the same thing, we play in CQB, but we are not allowed to shoot below 5m .

. “next time do it vocally ..” So to sum up, we play in CQB but we can’t shoot each other. Another burlesque situation, the guy will shoot, he will miss it, then he will go straight to a “Vocal” .. “My big one, my big one?” “positioned for you?” it must be a new concept of the game.

“Go go play it!” .. “go there go do it your life ..” For me a vocal Out, that’s it! Or that! Anyway .. it was a small compilation of some aberrations that several players suffered during this “game” .

. I could have put others, but the video would have lasted three pellets .. 30 00: 04: 23,990 -> 00: 00: 00,000 All that to say, beware of the wanegain parts which are far from home you .. Ciao friends!


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