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(Airsoft game) HK417 DMR – 01/04/17 – IPS AIRSOFT


Welcome to this new video showing the “VIP” game we played (04/01/17) on the field used by IPS Airsoft “It’s no use he’s too far away… Unless you have a super awesome range” “No I don’t have a super awesome range !” “I have… A a very decent range, that’s all” The opposing team has to escort a VIP to the other end of the field My team basically has to protect all the paths so they can’t advance I’m playing here with my HK417 Tokyo Marui, which has been heavily upgraded (details in the video description) “Look out, there is someone in the middle !” With 380 FPS, I have a “reasonnable” power, so I allow myself to shoot fast “On the pathway in front of us…Did you see ? – Huh… Where ?” However I use here 0.36 gr bbs, which is probably a bit heavy for the power of my gun, my bbs are sloooow It makes it really hard to hit targets which are moving perpendicularly to my position Shots through trees, it never really work… But at least it puts pressure on them I’m getting a bit closer so I can block the left pathway as best as I can “Watch out Séb, some are coming your direction – All right” “A lot of them are going on our right” “Well done Séb ! – Thanks !” My gun stops shooting : the joy of Marui EBBR, I have no bbs left so the gun stops shooting This and the recoil shock, it really improves your experience on the field…I really like it Hit ! I move back and respawn “They’re too far away ! – I’ll try this direction” I think about trying to get a good angle so I can completely block the path on the right, but I’ll have no cover on my back Here, it’s good enough The bipod has been quite useful this day, with all the stuff on it my HK417 weighs about 6 kg Here are some adversaries on the hill… They saw me, but we won’t manage to hit each other I guess my bbs went really close to him… At this moment I’m not sure if I have hit him or not…”Are you hit ?” I don’t think he saw me at all… Let’s try to not hit his mouth I think it moves behind me… I’ll change position now I hear some sound in my back “I’m not sure you did hit me but well… You did hit me ? All right !” After the respawn, I’m going on the hill, it appeared that a lot of adversaries were going that way I draw my HK45 since I might need to shoot people close to me Well, no one in sight… I re holster the HK45 and take back the HK417 Not long after I can see 3 players advancing on the path next to where I am ; they didn’t see me In
the same time 2 other players appeared on the other side of the hill ; my HK417 is empty ! The first magazine I pull out is empty… I pull a second one They had enough time to advance Adversary is too close to me now, I draw the HK45 Right in the forehead… Sorry ! There is at least one remaining player This one hadn’t saw me, I should have not shot so fast One left…I can use my HK417 again Here it is, this was my coolest action of the day, now I clean up my mess 😀 I don’t really have anything else to show you, the game finished a few minutes after that… Thanks for watching ! .


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