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Airsoft Game – GIAPO

Airsoft Game – GIAPO

Party organized by Team GIAPO from 66 The objective of our team is to capture the first Bunker which is occupied by the opposing team … and once the latter has been captured, we can move onto the second.

But before you get there you still have to manage to free it! “Out!” Grimaldus having just been released I find myself alone. I’ll try to play the guy who just took it out. Bingo, and it was the last, my colleagues took out the others, this Bunker is ours! now the object of the game is to hold the position, and it’s not the easiest, the grenades shoot out as well as the balls.

The bunker is being surrounded. With Grimaldus we convince the left, but it happens from all sides! “It’s happening on your left.” “yeah I saw!” An enemy is less than 15 meters in front of my position, let’s go to the GBB.

One ball one Out! Yeah! : D During this part at the first Out we lose the AEG, which forces us to use the PA. “Out!” “I had a doubt about your color at the start, how are you, I didn’t hurt you?” ” No, it’s okay thanks ” A guy is lying in wait in front of my position, I try a rush to the PA! “Out!” After 5 minutes stuck behind my tree I get out of the PA.

After having captured the first Bunker we try to capture the second which is lower An enemy is stashed in front of me, but using my AP I have to wait until he is within range. “Out!” Here we are, the Bunker is ours, now we have to hold the position! “Out!” “Grenade!” the end of the day is approaching, the guys are getting high to take back the Bunker! “Out!” “Yeah he’s out” ” Where is he ? ” “Right in front in the bush” “I haven’t seen him for a while now, and you just have to arrive for his head to stick out”


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