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Airsoft Game – Game with Warcrap team #1 – scope cam – GHK G5 GBBR – Sony HDR AZ1 – real eng sub

Airsoft Game – Game with Warcrap team #1 – scope cam – GHK G5 GBBR – Sony HDR AZ1 – real eng sub

Hello all, welcome on this video. Let’s go to discover the Warcrap battlefield, a very nice airsoft team based at Cuges-les-pins This sequence is during the warmup I’m approaching enemies positions by the back I’m trying to be the most silencer possible and surprised them During this day, the temperature was very hot, 42°C (108°F), my G5 took hard but didn’t disappoint me Yes one of them, but I have to wait because I don’t know how much they’re As I don’t see anyone, let’s do it I was wrong, here is his mate He saw me Now, it’s a CTF game mode, ennemies are close to my flag, I move to protect him! We are only two remaining in defense.

Fuck the vegetation I guess it was the temperature, but my G5 wasn’t very consistent during this game 🙁 Damned, I’m alone now! New game mode, the goal was to find the VIP, then his case, and extract them without be killed by opponents We’re 4 special forces between 5 or 6 rebels On this kind of game mode, if we’re spotted, it’s game over Friend: Two opponents on the upper bunker Me: They will probably do the same than us! We let two friends behind to occupy them and we are going to find the VIP quickly We want to regroup us to search the case with more power I’m around our previous position but there is an opponent in a bunker Me: I have two contacts in front of me, two! Me: One behind us! We was too static, game over for us Second game, still in special forces side New group, new technics, more direct Me: stay here stay here Me: run run It was a bad idea, and a strategic backup Friend: Continue, run run So we made the big bypass and we found our VIP who was more in security without us And he found his case himself Now, let’s go to the extraction point without be killed Me: They’re here, two! Me: Fuck who shoot? They all went through the glade, it’s my turn It’s finish for me, but we won this game.

Take a look at the next video, always GBBR only 🙂 See you


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