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(Airsoft game) AA12 Gameplay – 25/05/17 part 2


Welcome to this new airsoft game video ! It’s the “part two” of this day, we’re still playing the “lord of the seas” type of game of the morning During this game, at the start, everybody is on its own, everybody shoot all the other players When you hit another player, you can capture him by touching him with your hand for 5 sec, he then becomes a member of your team The goal : capture all the other players For now, I’m all alone, but I just heard some fights on top of the hill, I’ll try to capture the player I can hear counting I have to stay cautious though, logically the player who hit him will try to do the same thing… “Did I hit you ?” “Yeah you got me !” That’s 2 players in my team now… “I saw Chris going thos way, and Rémi going this way – I heard someone says out on the left” “Do you want me to go ? You cover me ? – You probably have more range than me, I’ll go” “I’ll cover you as good as I can – All right” Then again we have to stay cautious, maybe it’s an ambush…… Well, ambush it is 😀 The enemy knows where I am, I don’t know which way I’ll take “Out ! Well done !” Well, I won’t hit him this time… I’m being captured by an opposing team… Which becomes my own team Fred (with the RPK) is still on top of the hill, I’m running away from his line of sights I waited a few sec, I’ll try to climb the hill and hit him… The shots make me think that he’s busy checking the angle on the right … But he’s not, he was hiding on the left He knows my teammates are there, so he hesitates to capture me “Is there some peeeeeeeeople, who knooooooooows” “Someone is shooting at me !” “I don’t know from where, but he is” Well, this was a well placed bbs from a sniper “Back in game !” I’m still in the same team “Bluff shots…” “I just heard Rémi said “back in game” in this direction, and I don’t know where is Val” Another player just came out from the bush and has shoot in our direction, but he didn’t hit us I shoot the bush so he can’t do that again ; I also cover Juan who is going forward in the direction “Did he shot you again ? – No, I’m just covering Juan” “Rémi was shooting at us, but I’m not sure from where” I can hear shots on the right, let’s check…”This thing works well !” The AA12 makes it easy enough to hit players hiding in the vegetation… Fred has just been shoot… Probaby by someone on the right I guess the attacker is busy… I’ll try to reach Fred “You captur Val ? – Ok” I believe
there is only one player left now, probably not far from here… Some players are hit and are waiting on the right “There is Chris just behind the hill !” And here it is, game’s over ! We’re only one team left now ! Thanks for watching ! .


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