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(Airsoft game) AA12 Gameplay – 25/05/17 part 1


Welcome to this video showing the first game of the 05/25/2017 on the IPSAirsoft field ! This is a “lord of the seas” type of game : at the begining, each player is on its own “Was it painful ?” “No it’s ok ! I was expecting worse” When you hit an enemy, he stays where he is for 30 sec ; you can then capture him by touching him for 5 sec Once he’s captured, the enemy becomes a member of your team “Do you vaguely know where the others are ?” (Points all the space on our left) “This way !” Better than nothing ! “I’ll go on the side” This video is a “sequence shot”, I’m showing you here the whole game without cut ; I just speed up some parts The point of the game, of course, is to capture every player so there is only one team left “How do we proceed in this kind of situation ?” “Count to 30 and then, you fall back in your own direction” “Are Val and I still together or not ?” “No ! You’re no longer together” I finish counting, now I’m going a bit further away before respawning Another player is not far away, I guess he saw me walking, I’m wondering what to do…”Back in the game !” Do I try to shoot him or not…. Yeah, let’s try… He has a RPK and probably more range than me ; I need to get closer, I put this little tree between him and I to stay on cover “You’re hit too ?” “Yeah ! Bbs clouds are hard to dodge ! I managed to dodge the first volley but not the others !” This day, it was the first time I was using the AA12 on the field (reminder : it shots 3 bbs per shot) and I was surprised how efficient it is “Back in game !” The AA12 doesn’t have a lot of range, but he has at least 2 big advantages on a field like this 1st advantage : the vegetation doesn’t protect a lot from the AA12, it’s easy to hit player which are “half hidden” behind a bush with it 2nd advantage : it shots a big volume of bbs, hard to dodge, which makes hitting moving targets much easier I come back where I was earlier ; I’m assuming that other players should be there I try to carefully check for hidden players in the landscape…There is 2 enemies here, I need to stay mobile I have just hit again the same player, which just has been revived by its teammate They’re both hit now, let’s capture them… The RPK player is here again, he’s shooting toward us (and I have a very bad reflex, hiding behind the hit player, it’s wrong… Sorry about that) “You hit him !” “This thing works great !” I’ll capture the 3rd player… But let’s stay
cautious “You don’t even need to aim do you ? Well done” “Thanks !” “We’re a big team now, with Rémi and Juan” “So…There is just Val missing ?” “Val and Chris” “Val is over there !” (behind the hill) “I’ll climb the hill” I can see her… “You got her ?” “Yeah !” “You aren’t hurt ? – I’m ok, I’m ok” “Sorry, on the hill it’s hard to not hit the head” “There is only Chris left, all the other players are on our team” “Do you know where he is ? – He is this way” (in front of us) “It’s Fred on the left ! He’s with us” “Are you sure ? – Yes I’m sure !” “We’re together ! We’re together ! Out !” “Sorry you’re the one who took it all !” “I’ve hit Khan-Seb ! – Friendly fire maybe but it counts !” “Did we hit him ? – I don’t know” “Are you hit ? – Yeah !” And here it is, game over, we’re only a single team now.Thanks for watching ! .


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