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(Airsoft game) 27/09/15 part 3 – La Colonne Baïkal – Kill & Capture

(Airsoft game) 27/09/15 part 3 – La Colonne Baïkal – Kill & Capture

3rd video for the games of the 09/27/15, this time for a “kill and capture” kind of game We all start in our own team and we can capture the players we hit, who then become a member of our team “Did I hit you or not ? – No !” In order to capture an adversary, you just need to touch him for 3 sec, it also makes him respawn Ozmowze has just been hit by the claymore.

.. We can now capture him 😀 “I’ve been lucky to not step on it !” “I’ll capture him” “Are you ok ? – Yeah” “Just on the skin of the ear ! – That’s what I was aiming” Bastien is near the safe point “He’s at the respawn – Yeah I saw him” For now I cover Fred, hoping he will be able to hit him from here “Out !” “Back in game !” “I don’t know from where he hit me though.

..” “Do you think Bastien hit us ? – Yeah… I think you have been it by a rebund” Ozmowze is shooting at us… He must have been captured by someone else “Well done ! – Thanks !” “You’re with Frend and me !” “He is still there.

..” “He’s on the left, just at the entrance of the safe point” “You cover me and I go and try to capture him ? – Go on” I think I’ll arrive on his back… I pull my knife He’s hit… Well no knife hit this time, I’ll just capture him ^^ I think we’re 4 now.

.. We start to be a big team Crevette just hit me, I guess he changed team again since a few moments ago “Back in game !” “It was Crevette, he’s in the house right here, he hit me with his GBB I think” There is someone else on the left, he has just hit Bastien but he’s being hit a second later by Fred “We need to capture him.

..” “Cover me ? – Ok” I’m just doing some suppressive fire It appears that Sheyrokee is the only one left… We capture him and the game is over Ozmowze saw something… I have just hit Sheyrokee while he was throwning his grenade Maybe he has hit Ozmowze, but I was too far away Captured ! Game over, thanks for watching !


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