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(Airsoft game) 25/01/14 part 2 ; “The Hostel” ; Wild Trigger ; GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

(Airsoft game) 25/01/14 part 2 ; “The Hostel” ; Wild Trigger ; GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

Welcome to this new Airsoft Game video ! A game from… January 2014 Better late than never ! We’re on a defense situation here, we protect an objective hidden on the upper floor For now, we decide to defend this access “Open it” “Let it open for a while” “Yeah he’s too far away, he has time to dodge the bbs” “Did I hit you ?” “I think you’re dry firing” “No, but he has hit the door” “He’s on the door on the right, the nearest one from us” We can’t really move from here anyway, so for now we defend here.

.. I watch the window “See something ?” “Yeah, some civilians running far away, on the left” “Look out for the 1st floor in front of us” “I saw some guys here but I’m not sure if they’re teammates or not” “Nope, they’re not with us” “Ok, well there is definitely some guys here then” “I think we are blocked here” “We’re in defense anyway, as long as we’re defending it’s ok” “Where ?” “Running guy just in front of the gate.

.. But he’s out of range” There is still enemies in the hallway… Did I hit him or not… With some players it’s hard to tell I hit him this time, I’m sure… But I can’t see an obvious reaction … This time it’s clear ! An adversarie is mocking me, my bbs only hit the door There is still adversaries in the hallway, let’s take a look.

.. Adversaries in the staircase now, just behind the door “If they have a grenade we’re dead” “They’re not going to widely open the door, if you throw your grenade it will fall back on us” … The door was blocked Look out on the left “Well we’re screwed” “Do you have another grenade ?” “No it was my last one !” “Well it has been an honor to play airsoft with you Iron” “Are they still there ?” “Yep, they’re still there” “I guess I can sit on the toilet if I want to, which is nice” “My arms start to hurt !” “RED BULL !” “It doesn’t work ! I thought it was supposed to give me wings or stuff !” For some reasons the adversaries in the staircase aren’t here anymore, so we decide to move away “Did you hit me or not ? – I don’t know you tell me” Let’s try to flank them.

.. “Are you alone ?” “Damm, miss !” My G5 is bothering me, I though I would be allowed to use it at any distance, but for some reasons it was forbidden this day I didn’t take the right sling for that..

. Oops, reload… … And now I lose a magazine because of the ambidextrous mag release button “Both hit ?” “Ok !” It was very fair play since it’s obvious on video that I totally missed him ^^ Et voila.

.. Thanks for watching !


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