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(Airsoft game) 25/01/14 part 1 ; “The Hostel” ; Wild Trigger ; GoPro Hero3 Black Edition


Game of the 01/25/14 at “The Hostel”, a game organised by the Wild Trigger It’s our first game here and we don’t know the field yet… “Well, what do we do ? We explore or we follow the other guys ?” “We follow the guys on the right ?” This field is a great CQB place with 5 floors and 2 independant building near the main entrance It has a lot of staircases and entrances, a great field for all players who like CQB “I’m blowing on my EOTech, it has fog all over it now I can’t see anything” “Not the best for aiming I guess” This video only shows the very first game of the day, a simple team deathmatch For now, we try to get to the entrance near the respawn point of the opposing team “Contact !” “I saw a head through a window” “The third one” The 1st floor is in the dark We saw nobody on the 1st floor, so we go to the 2nd floor using the staircase…”Do you think those guys are with us” Hmm, it looks like they’re not… No cover on the hallway, so we move forward using the holes in the walls of those rooms It looks like they’re not moving forward We managed to get just in front of them… But they’re actually attacked by some of our team mates from another entrance Which means that the 2nd floor is clean now “2nd floor is clean” Let’s go to the third floor… Some of our team mates go to the 4th floor but with Iron we stay here, covering our team mates Our team mates try to move on the left, maybe I can shoot some players through the windows… “I see nobody” Actually, I saw one guy coming through just when I said those words…”Players in front of us ? – Yeah I hit one of them” The guys understand that I’m here now and we’re shooting each other “Do we have a medic with us ? – No” “From where are we being shot ? – He’s in the staircase, I can see his head” “Do you think you can shoot him if I open the door for you ? – Yeah I think so…” “Ready ? – Yeah” Our team mates failed with their attack, there is only the 3 of us left now “For now we fall back, they are coming here – Ok” “Is there an exit near us ?” Grenade ! Close one… Now they’re shooting on my position It’s just Iron and I now… I saw a head on the left “The door is going to fall on me…” There is another player in the shadow on the right, I didn’t see him Boom, headshot Later, back from the respawn point, attacking this hallway In this kind of situation, using your other shoulder to shoulder your gun is quite useful One down, but there is another
one If you play with a Gbbr, you have to like reloads ! The GHK G5 worked quite well despite the cold temperature (5-8°C for most of the day) Two guys down…I think it’s ok to move now I draw my pistol, considering I’m not allowed to use the G5 at close ranges Doesn’t make a lot of sense considering it’s as powerful as my XDM, but, well… Everything is ok so far… I’m going on the right He’s a teammate This is where the 2 players I shot were… I guess their teammates took the staircase back to the upper floor I’m clearly hit by my teammates, but at this time I thought during the briefing that the friendly fire didn’t count I’ve been a bit slow here, I thought he was hit already… “Did you see the guy on the upper floor ? – Yeah I can see his shadow” “You saw something ? – Yeah… Behind the red door” Two down… We’re going through with Iron We spend a few minutes cleaning the entire floor but we didn’t meet resistance Outside is a critical place considering you can get shot from pretty much any window “You have a long gun ! – Yeah but I had to shoot quickly before he goes away” Later, Iron is shooting players through the hallway… I’ll try to take them from their flank But I can’t go through those holes, they’re not big enough “Grenade !” It’s ok it’s too far away…”I’ll go Iron !” “… Or you’ll go, it works too…” “Got him ! – Well done !” “You confirm ? – Yeah he’s hit” “I’ll just take my grenade back ! – Ok !” “It wasn’t thrown far enough !” “Do you see players outside ? – Yeah lots of guys were running through this building but I only hit one of them” Later in a staircase… Iron saw a player alone in a room This room has no other exit so he’s trapped… “Grenade !” “Brute !” “He’s stucked in the room… There is no other exit – Are you sure he’s in there ?” “Yeah yeah I saw him… He has a G36” “Oh damm ! I really wanted to kill you dude !” “I don’t know exactly how we would have done that, but we wanted to…” Voila, it’s the end for this first part ! Thanks for watching ! .


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