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(Airsoft game) 24/04/14 part 1 : the fort


Game of the 04/24/14 at the Angry Target Fort (this big wooden structure with multiple dead angles) This video shows all the parts of all the games we played inside the fort itself this day And for now, little challenge for myself : making one HIT with the S&W M66 Tokyo Marui… I’m on the first floor, under the structure itself Well here we go, challenge done ! Let’s try to make a few more hits then… It’s a team mate it’s ok (I have to shoot players wearing blue arm bands) Hmm, miss, the kind of shot I could have make with my PX4 I think… I saw a guy coming inside in front of me… Go go go Damm they’re two, I should have shot the person on the right first Miss again… It’s not easy to shoot straight with double action “There is a guy on the left here” “it’s slippery as fuck !” “The guy is with us” I’ll try to flank them from the outside… Raaah, I’m sick of missing ! Ok I draw the PX4… … And I put away the S&W Here we go, let’s start business now…… Ok well we’ll start it at the next life, it works too Back in the fort There you are, it’s easier with the PX4 ! Yeah I really like it… I can hit what I aim CLACHEUR FOU was at this game, don’t hesitate to watch his video ! Some people in front of me… But I’m shooting like a drunk guy today Hmm, fail What if I tried to rush in their direction ? Yeah, let’s take another path… Nice angle for a shot It looks clean enough, let’s try to get closer… “Are you ok ?” “Yeah, you hit me on the nose – Sorry !” Here I’m exactly in the center of the fort, on the first floor, it’s easy to see people coming inside here I’ve been spotted by Purple Haze on the 2nd floor, he’s shooting at my position I’ll try to surprise him by coming on his floor… Maybe he saw me or heard me ? Later, outside the fort… Woops, look out of for the windows…Nobody on the left I can try to shoot him … And I shoot Moulix who is taking photos by mistake, oops “You really want me dead !” This guy hitted me like 3 times in a row And now, a stunt ! “Are you ok ? – Yeah ! Did I hit you ? “I’m not sure but let’s assume you have… – Thanks !” “It’s going to look good on slow motion !” Huh, here is the guy who hitted me a lot again (that’s why I’m laughing) Where is he ? I can see him through the boards… “I know you saw me !” “Finally ! It’s not too late !” But GG for all the times you got me ! “Well… Let’s say we’re both out ? – Yeah ! Less painful that way !” In the safety
zone ! “Mine has no range, it’s not fair !” And now for the picture… Here it is, thanks for watching ! Don’t hesitate to watch CLACHEUR and Purple Haze videos ! .


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