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(Airsoft) G36C G&G (GEC36)

(Airsoft) G36C G&G (GEC36)

Thanks to them ! Replica of the G36C by G&G, named “GEC36” thanks to those usual licences issues Unlicensed gun maybe, but quite nice nonetheless, with good looking nylon body The gun comes with a lot of rails on which you can put all the accessories you want I reload here with a G&P midcap, it’s very tight but it works (and it feeds without problem) The gun comes with a “heavy bolt” system, which increases the charging handle experience The fake bolt works on a quite heavy spring, which makes a strong sound when you pull the charging handle My model shots at about 340 FPS (0.

20 Tanio Koba), which I find reasonnable No problem at 20 meters, I hit a human torso each time The spread is a bit larger at 30 meters but it’s still good enough Same thing for the full auto… It’s perfectly skirmishable out of the box Here is what the sights look like Full polymer gun of course, but it’s the same thing on the real one, and the material used here feels, it’s not cheap Folding stock on the right side 3 rails on the hand guard Flash hider mounted on a 14mm CCW thread Markings on the left side, note the seriel number that I believe is unique Safe/semi/auto, the ambidextrous lever is a bit hard (but at least you won’t push it by accident) The “heavy bolt” feature ; note it blocks to the rear, you have to push the bolt catch to release it The hop up is adjustable behind the fake bolt The battery goes inside the handguard, you just have to pull out a single pin I used a 7.

4V 1100 mAh battery in this video Note the midcap which comes with the gun, it shots all the bbs you put inside The gun comes with a second sling mount that you put on top of this part It’s more “ambidextrous” than the original one considering its emplacement, it’s easier to use for lefty too Pictures of the whole gun Thanks for watching !


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