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Airsoft G36 Loadout

Airsoft G36 Loadout

hey this is rating officers here bringing you another interview and this time is gonna be on my to 36 look up so first off gets on the way got my hat on got my goggles my metal mesh facemask and so my chest rig is a condor ops chest rig and odine I have four pouches on here the OE tech ID pouch that folds open I got some great pans cards and nozzle for my Dreamcast and some patches on there I got the condor double pistol mag pop gets you pistol mags for my steak p226 and then I have my condor mm 14 tops which I have two Magpul pts g36 mid caps PMAG 120 rounds polymer really great and have a really nice weight to them really well as I’ve had no feeding problems with them really great to use to look really good so I like those I bought two of them for $22 each I just had a chance to use them last night the 27th I will have a gameplay video up and I’ll be using these sort of like these great new feature and just a great addition for my 36 load up and then wraps I have my speed router kissa need to reload on the field and this side condor dual flash bang pouch so you used to house my thunder be but it’s broken right now so anything you know have a flashlight in this one right here my cardboard on it and so my gun that’s my HK Umarex g36c V in darker got a foregrip that came with the gun a utg deluxe flashlight so yeah that’s my gun and with a sling it’s an a MP one point tactical bungee swing this is my far my favorite sling really like it it’s got a couple inches of bungee and it’s got an adjustable length and a swivel mount like that my belt I have my Condor threefold mag dump out put my pistol mag until 1936 mines in there and my Thunder be after it further right my or here’s my kjw sig p226 and my Blackhawk Serpa holsters really liked that holster and then my shemagh really cheap but I really liked it and so that’s it for my g36 loadout already rate comment and subscribe ready ashes out


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