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Airsoft Funny Moments + Team Practice

Airsoft Funny Moments + Team Practice

crazy it was longer I can’t see behind me with all this damn beer oh we’re not in a freaking ah dang I’m getting out mood now you know we’re going to get the worst of it cuz we’re on the fry well yeah we get to swing oh this one’s getting mud rocks shit hey we all like to go out the back here come on don’t try to hold on yeah get to the top of the Dalai Lama I come on we’re going by the way get to da hua jaan edition i get to the drama Oh yeah we funny funny funny oh why did you go through the front head hey when you’re asking the way we’re goddamn County lazy buddy oh my fucking fault hey all right no max hello guys ma’am by yourself no good by yourself I’m good man that was enough fun for me we thank you very soft take me take me you’re a homo I really want to go go go go why’d I you what did he say he said Sean Dalton I had one shot mr.

James up the slide did and it wouldn’t engage I had one shot Lord Jesus often shot him


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