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Airsoft Funny Moments and Fails Ep. 6

Airsoft Funny Moments and Fails Ep. 6

hey come on let’s go just make a rush just run really fast or not you got legs for a reason use them hey drop the water bottle oh man down man down no Jimmy why are we rescuing the water because we can see that oh man zero in the truck problem sir you’re under arrest please step into the vehicle put on yours yes tap into the vehicle sir a bigger gun I don’t care if I don’t go through your plate technically my 45 bigger than your night by five six the mine will go through your place with maybe a higher velocity okay no problem there something there what are we doing on a second the first step for the vehicle do not resist arrest you have the right to remain silent the other right to attorney Hannon will be used against you in a court of law I’m on the board of trilling news may 22 you wait deputy did we forget to take his weapons we did oh [ __ ] there’s no no no I thought the door tackle chairs often part three oh god I got it on Taco Bell’s not agreeing with me preserve your correct L dance dance oh yes oh yeah jihadi style you know it hey this is Dan aka rwm number 54 and I’ll be showing you guys my clothes hey this is Dan aka rwm number 54 and I’ll be showing you guys today my 2015 DMR loadout what what did I do wrong 16 Jay hey now you’re a rock star hey guys this is Dan aka aka 47 any [ __ ] brain all right secret oh hey there allow me to introduce you to Daniel not only is Daniel our designated EMR he is also the best singer forward slash dancer out of our entire group observe – okay break it down now y’all probably edit over some music this is why my people dug down I’m gonna go jump up this window quick damn Daniel giggles I’m on a phone I don’t know how the rest that song goes right for dunno talk about what’s happening right now oh really I had no idea I thought you had to squeeze my nose gently we are engaged with the enemy tortoises source your tactics are you cooler like this I should’ve gone so much man has got this plane covered oh I love your boots are they from 100% goat leather yes oh they’re looking very er the sexist it used to be my wife oh oh that is disturbing I leave now this guy is weird oh no he didn’t around to let us goodness are you ready part of her team she is ready they will never take our God’s infidel we kill you we kill you we do you wait what what you set up a target an Erica me give me a brother keen what is your position it must be very still if we make too much noise the infidels will find us [ __ ] brother what happened to you oh my god is down oh my gudd oh my gudd check if he has any money you are a good parent I do not care with the American you don’t even know me bro okay insurgents new plan what is new plan new plan we shoot at the bad guys yelling is loud as we can okay what is work this work every time I promise durka durka 10 this is not working did you give an entire building of Engl or notions our first technique water witty care the building board of evey daddy very strong quick fix healthy universal recipe honey okay


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