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Airsoft: Funny Moments- 2/23/14

Airsoft:  Funny Moments- 2/23/14

yeah medco you’re out so what let’s go you’re dead you heard me sure make sure shit Oh baby got him I hate you watch out or don’t watch out a person media here now hey do what you want to do you man all of you okay yeah I can’t do you like a dork Shami maybe over there holy text you probably text couldn’t hear it oh well I’m all the way up here I’ll chill here for a while go I’ll shoot again dead men don’t talk that’s hitting you don’t want to do that today okay okay I’m probably still get killed that’s not the same thing the truck and they were three people the other key word there I pull it out and do it on something target fucking high right to the front my last Quinn to bounce all three of them returned to fidi hostility hey i just got a job overweight okay we made late yeah I got nothing to lose though sorry baby baby oh sorry sorry check that check that you and letting him shoot you who’s been shot by it who has been shot by Ray J he was on this side I got sure bet that God the last game I don’t know that hurts I’ve been lit up by at made me do a two-step in a circle at mez hurts and if that doesn’t get your attention I’ll go grab the saw if you don’t know what this all is the last Josh you’ve got it up just up here weapon or this let’s get killed by this all right well you won’t be a lot c 6 you got one two three no yeah you got one two three bold early age or experience they come here all the time that you Claire you happy to see me no I should straight yeah so she said unlimited model I broke what he made it a lot


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