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[Airsoft Français] Minizem’s Loadout 2016

[Airsoft Français] Minizem’s Loadout 2016

hi youtube so to start this month of august we are going on a base, it’s them with pants that come to us from military surpluses and combat shirts and e1000 tech so for the shoes I also went on millet tech I could have the reference in mind but hey it is cheap shoes and which do their job so then I wear a belt equipped with a walter vega so for beretta glock and sig so butcher of course I really struggled to find an austere compatible px4 for left-handers I will not hide it from you at the on top of that so I put on my belt equipped with 5.

11 punch magnums and my door load double warden I try to make sure to place the belt to keep the austere from my body for the sea race so really western erik haula moncorge could not remove my px4 from his alter and it’s a problem then my good old six races you all know I haven’t changed much something to add 2 3 accessories but the pockets are the same so that’s it I don’t have the sea race mark 1 so as we can see I cleared the side left to be able to take out my px4 above so I added a knife in plastic and soft rubber so for close combat and therefore a midland g9 for communication linked to a fart was therefore of the same brand where we see on my chest at the level of the head so seen I’m tired of taking flow just have all guessed that it hurts super so i decided to put a stalker followed 6-1 swiss arms even if I don’t like it the base so then we have my communication headset baho and your moorland chemistry also and finally put ball and x 800 so above I put my mitch 2002 so equipped with an nvg support on which I fixed big nest egg so it’s a bit hard to put everything together but once that I put it moves more and it protects well enough so finally to protect the cookie as quite sensitive also I put a scarf So here it is at the level of the head I risk absolutely nothing so then another very important thing the gambon mine it serves does a lot but good at the base it’s big ones who come to us from far away decathlon so finally so we have the bag three days thousand tech So here it is in 38 it seems to me seen that I play in load 30 courses and times I really need to take tickets from the grass in rab and so here it is, dora the explorer but for the most long doped or when you have to shoot a lot I have no choice So finally to end good bah my little teddy bear who is quite famous I think about my subscribers here is the touch of madam but here I would like well see more stuff like that atypical on players’ outfits that would be really cool because here we always see the same things on the land is really pretty sucked so here it is, it’s over, invite to subscribe here do not hesitate to ask me in friends on facebook and twitter went to see my last run video here that would be really nice on that i said ciao


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