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Airsoft FNX Tactical 45 vs. the real steel review part 2

Airsoft FNX Tactical 45 vs. the real steel review part 2

the FNX 45 tactical in the airsoft FNX 45 tactical boat breakdown the same exact manner both of them have slight levers found on the right side of the gun which allow you to remove them the slide I’ll demonstrate with the airsoft it gets a little easier the slide needs to be pulled back the lever is switched down the entire slide will slide off the magazine does need to be out for this to happen same exact process is done with the Real Steel of course it is a heavier pull because we are dealing with a heavier steel we can see here that the slides are almost identical on the inside of course the major difference is the hop-up unit on the airsoft version and of course the gas flow but wealth of them have the same exact spring setups and both of them are holding in the barrels in the position overall they’re identical even down to the measurements here we have a collection of the back straps that come with the pistol as you can see we have four black ones and two tan ones the black ones of course are the real steel and you’ve notice we have two horizontal versions and two waffle pattern versions and the airsoft versions we see we only have the horizontal pattern now this horizontal pattern is duplicating up against the front end of the grip and of course the waffle patterns are duplicating the side pattern on the grip of the gun as you can see the airsoft version does not even come with the option of the waffle patterns now there are too large and too small and I’ve set them up so you can kind of get a feel for how they are I’ll be honest when I first bought these or I got them with the gun they were very very difficult to remove this took a lot of time you can even see some of the damage done just trying to get that off and it’s really a surprise I was able to get the other back strap off just now the funny thing is is they’re both identically designed they operate exactly the same way the airsoft wanted to do as the Real Steel and I thought hey let’s give it a try let’s see if I can stick a real steel back strap on to an airsoft gun well I got about a quarter of the way on and incredibly difficult and I just stopped right there so they are cut just a tad bit different but if you’ve ever seen the back straps they’re really basically plastic so a little bit of filing or sanding you could get them to fit but if you really really are desperate I’m pretty certain they’re gonna make these waffle patterns now I’m gonna just go ahead and pick up the flat one here or the small size and I’m gonna go ahead and match it on up and as you can see they are practically identical there’s really no way of telling the difference between the two of them they even feel the same I’m gonna go ahead and pick up the large ones here you can see they have a lot more girth to this one and they both operate the same exact way you can see the ridge in there and how they attach on and just to show you what the waffle pattern will look like so you have an idea what they look like but they’ve got that nice wonderful texture on it just like on the side of the handgun okay so we’re just gonna do a quick once-over on the magazines here once again as a reminder the black one is real steel the tan one is airsoft so let’s go ahead and start with the Real Steel as we can see here it has the holes punched in it showing that a hole up to 15 rounds starting with 5 going all the way down to 15 once again as a reminder if you live in a state that doesn’t allow these type of size magazines they’ll give you a 10 round magazine you can see the dark black sort of metal appearance it’s been subdued so that the shine won’t be noticeable we’re gonna go ahead and pick up the airsoft version here and this is of course much heavier this is where all your weight comes from on the gun and you can see that the metal color is a little bit different it’s gonna bring them on up against each other here let’s do it that way that’s to get really close in and you can see that the silver is definitely different now the funny thing is is my first exposure to the airsoft 45x tactical was at Eirene 12 through amped airsoft and their version this was very very silver it was very bright and I thought maybe that was intentional trying to match up with the tan I also thought maybe the real steel version the would be more more bright or silver so one home I check a look online I found out no that’s not the case all of them should match this color here so this is a little off here’s the funny thing is this is actually an improvement I got this one through a hobby Asia and this is an improvement in the color so they’re slowly making changes to their mold and to some other paint jobs to try and match them just a little bit better I did go ahead and order a second magazine that cost me thirty nine dollars and you can get those through a hobby Asia right now that’s the only place I know where you can get them we’re gonna talk a little more on that what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna look at one of the little things I noticed on this this is like probably the worst part in the trades or stamps you can see right here that we have there’s a little red light for my GoPro bounces off the black magazine you can see that the holes punched in here are different than the real steel holes we’ve got the 15 rounds but they’ll go in a straight line not a double nine so it’s just sort of a little mistake you’ve also noticed here the valve is up here at the top and of course the flow valves also where it should be I got a little worried about this when I first saw it I was concerned about things like filling it up and leaks after all when you get a leaky magazine we usually stick the valves to our ears trying to listen for where the gas is leaking out and granite all we have to do is stick our ear to this one spot but it’s gonna be hard to determine which valve it is and I think the main reasoning for this is they didn’t want to mess up this symbol here the FN Herstal symbol is prominently displayed on both magazines in the proper locations so the other thing is I did find this was not a big issue to fill up all I had to do was cut my hand like so I took my can of green gas which was called lightning bolt made-in-the-usa I attached the valve right in there and it filled up with a pout an incident yeah we’re gonna go into of course how much gas it holds and how well it did once again this holds 25 rounds so 10 more than the real steel of course and cost $39 and before you panic I think that’s really bad cybergun is actually giving you a deal on that because this little baby even though it holds 15 rounds to replace this cost $50 no joke so to have something twice as heavy with more working parts in it hold ten more rounds and grant at the trades are just a little off here and only cost $39 when this one costs fifty this is one of the few values you’re gonna be getting out of that there it gives you a top view of both guns one of course being the real steel that they’re being airsoft now we’re going to be discussing two things one they do have traits here both saying 45 APC and as I pointed out previously it’s difficult to see the trades on the real steel only because they seem to be some sort of laser engraving you’ll also notice up here at the top there seems to be some very fine writing we’re gonna go over about that a little later on also you’ll notice that there’s a little white dot on the inside of the site rather than in here again we’ll go over that a little later on what we’re gonna discuss right now are these these are the plates that can be removed to attach the red dot apertures now the Real Steel uses star screws they do come with the arms wrench set as well as the plates to attach any kind of trick to con sights that you’re going to need these are standard allen wrench screws and there are much smaller size it also does not come with any plates to attach any upcoming red dot apertures we’re gonna go ahead we’re gonna remove them so you can get a chance to see what they look like okay I’ve gone ahead and remove the screws off the real steel and the airsoft version I’m gonna go ahead and remove the plates now so you get a feel for what it’s like the Real Steel is a heavy heavy metal and you can clearly see it’s been machined out it also has a variety of different holes some of them being screw holes some of them being attachment pins which will allow the red dot apertures and trick the contacts for attachment now the airsoft version is completely different I’m going to go ahead and remove it it’s a much lighter metal it has two small little pegs on it and these are attached right here at the top and it also has this sort of unique rail system which only allows it to use airsoft variation plates and as I mentioned we’re gonna go over that a little later on but here’s something I thought was kind of neat I’m gonna place this on here and even though the black one doesn’t fit on the tan one it’s kind of hard to see but the screw holes do match up so they did a really good job of at least getting the adapter pieces to be dead-on on top of it you can see there’s actually very little room around there there’s very little tolerances so this is a really well-done piece and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to come out for the FN herschell okay so these are the red dot aperture plates which are used to attach onto the top of the slide for the real steel and the airsoft gun now these two metal plates here the lighter color ones are the real steel these are made out of steel and of course come with the firearm they also come with the allen screws that you need to attach them on they’re actually star set as well as the allen wrench is also star set to attach them on this here is an aftermarket part for the airsoft gun it’s produced by accuser dynamics and you can buy this off of a hobby aja you notice it’s got a matte black finish to it and as you can see it sort of has a little bit of a rough texture to it no screws come with this in any way shape or form this comes in a single little package and I intentionally did not clean these yet but you can actually see that there’s still burns inside the holes so it does need a little bit of attention before you attach it on and I first handled this I thought it was plastic and the only way I confirm that it wasn’t was they didn’t get the full paint job on right up in here you can actually see some of the bare metal being exposed so it’s a very light metal now I just discover that a hobby aja also sells another version it’s the PAS rmr red dot aperture attachment and that actually comes with two star screws with the kit but it’s about twenty dollars so I’m assuming it’s gonna be a better quality than the eleven dollar and once again just a reminder the airsoft version has no attachments like this this is completely aftermarket parts just like what hopefully will occur with the back straps okay what you’re looking at here are tritium night sights on the Real Steel FNX 45 tactical now you’re not going to find anything like this on the airsoft one but want to show you these because I did mention it in the review these are basically radioactive they’re designed to always glow no matter what so they’re very effective very helpful and I mean that as you can see a completely pitch black environment and I’m still able to line up my sites while holding a camera so don’t expect to find these on the airsoft version but if you’re wondering with those small little holes are on the sights it’s representing these little marks here when testing the airsoft FNX 45 tactical we used 0.

25 elite 4 6 millimeter biodegradable ammunition tested on a 3200 chronograph and an indoor range of 75 degrees Green gas was used which was infused with silicone oil and was manufactured by lightning bolt lightning bolts is out of the United States California to be specific and it recommends its product being used 270 degrees temperature at 150 psi plus or minus 25 shots were loaded within the magazines and it was a very easy film the very first shot came in at 340 1.

6 fps I was a loud and short trigger pull which was refreshing to find on such an airsoft gun all the shots were in the 300 range with the exception of two a two hundred and ninety eight point two shot a two hundred ninety seven point seven shot which was the very last shot on the tenth shot we tried something we use the decocking lever to see if the gun would fire unfortunately it did it fired at three hundred and eight point two FPS which is important to note because this was about average with everything else so the decocking lever is really for show it’s not a safety feature on the xi shot we noticed something as well the serial number fell off I was a little disappointed in that but I’m glad that happened on an indoor ranch I was able to find it so before bringing this out to the range you may want to take a few seconds and check this I use Loctite superglue which is now permanently attached the slide does lock back after the final shot and the slide catch doesn’t have the nice crisp locking sound that the real steel has but this isn’t airsoft and it is a lighter metal okay in conclusion on the airsoft FNX 45 tactical gentlemen asked me a question would you buy this gun again I think that’s a pretty fair question the answer is yes I would buy this gun again however my reasons are gonna be a little bit different than the average airsofter remember I own the real steel to me I can use this as a training tool I can practice muscle memory with a non-lethal weapon more importantly though that I need to point out finding a holsters for this it’s going to be very very difficult in fact I had to do an online search and the only holsters I can find or blade-tech and they run about seventy dollars so if this is a new purchase for you you have to think about that other than that in conclusion thank you very much for watching this long and involved review and I hope this answered a lot of questions when you’re out there at the field or make sure you wear a full seal I Pro you make sure that your guns are in unlocked cases and out of public view and you always remove your magazines before and after transportation also make sure that your magazines are out when you’re in the staging area you do not display these in public areas


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