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Airsoft Fights Compilation 2

Airsoft Fights Compilation 2

Hey, watch your engagement distance guys. 15 feet if he banks banks you your dead. Watch your engagement. Semi-auto in the city guys! I’m pretty sure there in the bushes – be careful There not? *Screams* Hey chill out! Jesus man! – Hey, hey calm down Chill out guys! All day all day We were leaving and he was like, “You fucking still suspending here”.

We literally just got shot. This is great footage for me Dude settle down, come on. Sean, Sean chill! Come on It’s on the field now get out of here you fucking cry-baby somebody runs it forever big deal On the field of you’re on the field a picture called on bags hold the game everybody hold the game Everybody hold the game we have to take a picture You’re the fucking hothead I didn’t start that I dare anybody here to say I started that I dare any of you here to say that I started that.

It’s an Airsoft Game grow up! Come on you, come on.


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