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Airsoft FAILS and FUNNY moments

Airsoft FAILS and FUNNY moments

oh that’s embarrassing oh that hurt wait Jax I’m changing max yeah smoking bowls we’re doing some high-tech we’re trying to open the door just climb an oh that’s for the window yeah oh yeah oh I’m so sorry I’m sorry I’m so sorry okay it was in the heat of the moment you see anybody Oh vehicle coming oh [ __ ] sorry I thought that was the enemy vehicles vehicle come by alright well your go go go hurry hurry hurry EDS hit hit hit hit come to the bone hey remember the guys in town and I know I know carry home third element in town not bad guys unless you make bad guys yeah we won’t win them over with our hearts padova said you have broken up oh yeah [ __ ] that sounds great that was a great no it’s just a one [ __ ] shot right there you didn’t come straight on to access I’m gonna go home you mine I got me in the [ __ ] I did you guys see them all tonight ok claret so are you sure third elements I thought you got wrong this bull sack up here little bit good times


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