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Special edition: Tonight, an exclusive documentary, that you are going to discover tonight. An very sensitive document that uncovers the secret and illegal activities of the government. Two journalists have been able to enter a military complex put under quarantine.

These two journalists; Jim De la Villardière And Jeff Pernaut Are considered missing. And Jeff Pernaut Are considered missing. We have nothing that proves they are still alive. Thru the images you are about to see, your are going to discover what our colleagues went thru durring their infiltration.

To this day, the government denies all existence of this complex. Where scientific expermiments have been held on humans. These images are of an extreme violence and proves the hell that Jim and Jeff went thru This document has been sent to us by some survivors who have been able to get out of the quarantine zone.

Currently hospitalized at the ‘Begin’ hospital. Their condition is critical. They confirm that our colleagues had given them this video before disappearing. All of the profession hearts go out to the journalists families.

[Tape Playing] JIM: Good evening Everyone The situation is serious. We are, as you can see in front of the quarantine zone. Where are locked up Euh… I would say about 30 people We can hear screaming, noise from machines We are not supposed to be here! So at the peril of my life, I am going to go with my cameraman inside this area.

We have been able to get past the guards rotations. We are going to enter with the help of night vision cameras To see what is really going on in the inside. [Tape noise] So now we are under night vision, and should be able to progress the most discretly possible to try and get close to the building that are about as many as twelve on the inside of this quarantine zone.

Come, We need to hide! Why are we hearing gunshots? Why are we hearing screaming? So that the question we are asking ourselves at the moment. And I hope at the end of this documentary, you will have an answer.

Let’s go! [Car driving past] We have gone unnoticed. It must be the vehicle that…that…that dropped the special forces on the site. We should be able to progress discreetly. I don’t know if you can hear: [Gun Shots and Screaming] Whisper: I don’t know if you can hear.

.. It’s quite scary. There’s sounds in the distance. We don’t really know Pulitzer price ! … thats for sure For sure we have the story of the century. don’t laugh it’ true. Yes. Let’s continue going forward Straight on .

.. So i’m using every so often my light of course, to be able to orientate myself. There’s noise behind us! Forward, Forward! Try to shine your light … [Tape sounds] Try to see what it is ..! Stop ..

. Stop … Shit! [Chainsaw Noise] Come. Come! Shit!, There is blood every where. [Scary Laughter] Come … Come! Come, Come … Come, lets hide Get down, get down [Heavy breathing] [Chainsaw noise] Put your hand in front of the screens They must not see us .

.. [Scary laughter] I don’t know what all this is … Shit !! What the hell is this ?? It’s a chainsaw ?! Damn! Did you see that … shit ?! What is he doing here ?? What is that place? [Banging on Walls] Shit! There was one just front of us Try and film with you’re camera I can’t se anything Can you see anything? Camera man: (inaudible) We heard a chainsaw !! There was groining sounds .

.. I don’t know what it was … They sounded like animals but animals with a chainsaw that’s strange though … What the … Come! I don’t know really but … We are going to try and go … Carful, there’s step Good? Come, follow me! I remind you that, for the people that have just joined us, we are in a quarentine zone We don’t know why? So I am here to answer that question.

So let me remind you, It’s Jim and I’m with jeff Camera Man: they are close Lets go foward. On the inside of the house … What’s that ?! Opposite us, can you see? Can you see? let’s move from here I can hear strange sounds .

.. Lets move! Turn round. Look where you’re walking ! Come, this way. PULITZER price ! We must absolutly get some images I can hide that the thing that scare me the most is that if we bump into the special forces.

The people who are supposed to guard the site. I worried that they would open fire on us … I don’t know if the fact that we are on the list … would help to … to calm them down. Seeing as we are on a site that is supposed to be in quarantine.

What is it? Can you see something ? Camera man: Yes I’m going forwards. Shit! But he can’t see us! He can’t see us! Look over there! Okay. He can’t see us for the moment I think We are using infrared remember.

Film over there! There’s noise ! You can see more than one? I’m going to try and get closer. I want to know. Follow me! Excuse me Sir? Can you hear me? BFM TV! We just want to understand what is happening here.

In god’s name! No Come, lest get out of here Shit! What the … What is it !!! [Tape Sound] I don’t know if you saw what i saw ? The guys were not normal! Damn zombies mate Zombies only exist in films damn it How was I supposed to know that is.

.. damn zombie I see a guy coming for me … I dunno, he’s got a cold or something … We’ve just gone into the forest … So … We can still hear strange sounds I want to see closer what it is … Come.

Ok Apparently we have found a group of survivors Come, Come with me. Quickly! They’re following us ! Careful! Stairs! JIM: So exclusively we are with a group of survivors. Yes. Can we go somewhere a bit safer? Where ever you want! We’re following you.

Come.Come. Camera man come. This way. Okay. How many are you? can you come and sit down here Sit down please, next to each other If possible i’m going to the intervew of my life guys .. Pulitzer price for me .

.. So this is exceptional, i am in company of a group of survivors. We don’t have time yet to … to discuss this yet as we are followed … Because it looks like … I’m waiting for answers … A lot of answers from these survivors.

Wait, don’t worry Okay, these survivors are armed so we do not need to worry … I don’t think the people aggressing us understand that we are journalists … Journalist or not. I think they will attack us .

.. Luckily we are in good company. JIM: How did you end up here? Survivor 1: We were having a walk and euuuh and we saw loads of zombies. JIM: Wait … because … JIM: Wait … Wait … JIM: Did you just say zombies?! Survivor 1: Yes, zombies, I think that is what hey are JIM: Okay .

.. Euuuh … JIM: Euh … I need to understand, What make you think that they are zombies? Survivor 1: Bah … We shoot them and they don’t die… JIM: But I could be people wearing body armor for example.

No? Survivor 1: Euh … Good body armor the Survivor 2: And just by the way they walk … They don’t talk, they just scream … They’re not humans It’s not possible … JIM: Okay then, You have just learn’t it exclusively We are on a site that was put under quarantine.

For reasons that are logical When i hear the story … We would be in compagny of … Do we know how many they are exactly? Survivor 1: More than us for all i know… JIM: have you tried to get out of here? Survivor 1: Euh .

.. No What we heard was that: The Army shoots anything that tries to get out JIM: That’s completely crazy what you are saying JIM: Completely crazy … JIM: So I need to know how you found these weapons ? JIM: Are you trained to use these weapons ? I mean how do you end up with these shotguns in your hands ? To survive i imagine ? Survivor 1: Yes thats right, we didn’t really have the choice, we need to survive .

.. We found them on the floor, so we took them and we use them … [Tape noise] JIM: Does your family know you are here ? Survivor 1: No, not at all. JIM: Have you tried to use your phone ? Euh … I didn’t take mine, I haven’t looked at it since getting here.

.. But I don’t even know if we can get any reception … You are walkers that right ? If i understand correctly, Who have ended up in … … in sort of a trap a cage that has locked it self around you and .

.. and what is suprising is that … the person … the people really… who have the keys of this cage … … is the government actually ! Survivor 1: It’s quite sad really … Survivor 2: Unfortunately .

.. Survivor 1: They shoot anything that moves really … Survivor 2: All human beings apparently … On all human beings … Zombies or not They shoot … they eliminate anything that passes … JIM: So if i understand .

.. … they want to clean up the area. Survivor 1: Yes, thats it … JIM: So euh … Our presence is unwanted … That they want to keep it quiet and not make headline news … So here we have … (inaudible) No .

.. Because we are going to get out! We are going to get out before they shoot us! Survivor 2: Survive !!! JIM: So we are going to stay with the survivors … but … Have you meet any other survivors ? Survivor 1: Others .

.. euh … no. Not yet … JIM: We don’t know at this time, how many survivors are in the area . Survivor 2: Exactly … We don’t know at all … JIM: Do you have a plan? Survivor 2: Discover where the contamination is coming from.

and survive … JIM: Discover where the contamination is coming from. Okay. You are recording this Jeff? Survivor : Its getting dangerous, there’s something going on … Survivor 2: We can’t look at this now .

.. JIM: Okay lets go we’ll have a look later … I forgot the name … It’s? Sorry, what’s your name? Survivor 2 : Celine. JIM: And your friend ? Celine: it’s clément JIM: clément. So we are with: Greg, Celine and Clément.

Apparantly these’s some noise we are going to hide … Survivor: Move! Move! JIM: Yes ! Where should we go ?? My god F**k ! I can’t see! I don’t know where i’m going … But where? Where? Survivor: Move Move ! JIM: Okay survivor Jeff!? Jeff, where are you? Jeff: Here, i’m here .

.. JIM: Okay Jeff: Here, i’m here … JIM: Okay my god, what the … which way is it? Survivor: Here … here … JIM: We can’t get thru JIM: Don’t turn on your light … shit … What is this place ?!! I can’t see anything We’ve been separated .

.. I don’t know where the others are … We’re together Jeff. We’ve lost the survivors … F*&k … So now i’m still with Jeff, we have managed to escape the zombie attack We’ve lost the other survivors, only Clément is left .

.. who is with us. So we have all so crossed paths with other survivors who are here. So … euh .. Jeff and I … We are journalists… Survivor: What happened here? JIM: We don’t know, all we know is that the area has been put under quarantine.

So … euh … we … With a journalistic goal, we came here … To find out what has happened, and we would like to know if you could give us any information of what we are living … Survivor: We don’t know either We ended up here There was blood everywhere, it was horrible.

we … …we tried to meet with people… survivors … been eaten literally… We don’t know how many they are… And euh … We have found some clues that we have sent … and euh … JIM: What type of clues ? Papers, documents, graphics .

.. JIM: Yeah Survivor: Little vials of something … Experiments … euh …experiments… that we think we done on humans to develop … … super soldiers JIM: Super soldiers … okay. Survivor: By a doctor .

.. euh … From the documents it’s an experiment that was stolen from a doctor. and the doctor tried to take revenge … by trying to … scare the virus … for it to spread. JIM: We also found a document on our side .

.. … that said kidnapped The workers kidnapped the neighboring villagers … To use them as live ‘lab rats’ And it’s highly plausable that these monsters that we keep running into … … are actually nothing other than humans, from this experiment.

We have counted more than 35 stories. Of missing people. From missing persons reports. And they all end here … So that’s why we are here I propose that I accomagny you. I imagine that we are all looking to get out of here .

.. Survivor: we’re going to try … we’re a bit stuck. we don’t know which way to go … JIM: Okay Survivor: We haven’t decided yet JIM: Clement says that: That he found weapons in the buildings, can we think that we can find other weapons? Survivor: I bumped into a few groups where i was .

.. we were separated as we got attacked by the zombies … euh … there is quite a few weapons that have been found. we don’t know where the weapons are surely on the ground if the survivors have been attacked.

and otherwise JIM: okay we already visited this area few hours ago i think JIM: no weapons there… a the moment. we’ve better to do … The game has changed guys, if i find a weapon, it will be each to their own .

.. We’re going to follow you… JIM: I didn’t find anything … Survivor: Food. JIM: Food? I hope we won’t … I hope that we get out before getting hungry … JIM: Where are we … is this it? Food? Survivor: Damn .

.. JIM: I can hear noise … Jeff?! F*$k … Seriously … JIM: We are at the survivors camp As you can see they are about 20 from what I see About 20 survivors … Some still have a smile. I thinks it’s more because he is armed, It’s not everyones case .

.. So … euh … I have just lived a savage attack by the monsters and they’ve got a bit appetite. but we managed to survive … survive So i’m accompagnyed by : Survivor: my name is SKYNOX JIM: SKYNOX who is part of the survivors .

.. and who is certainly help us extend our life expectancy … JIM: Skynox is our best chance … to get out of here alive. So i’m still with jeff. we are followed…by who ? i don’t know We continuing to move.

We absolutly want to find some weapons. and food … Jeff, you still good? Keeo going strong. They’re just next tp us … It’s gone … We can continue that way maybe ? Survivor: That’s the first build I went to that’s where I found the shotgun .

.. JIM: Okay … Do you think there are more or not? Survivor: We looked everywhere JIM: Oh really. In the bushes … in the bushes … Oh shit … We need to find the weapons guys Oh my god … JIM: Anything ? Survivor: No .

.. On the floor, jeff look! a shotgun … Jeff: Yes!! JIM: Look for the shells, they shouldn’t be far … Have you not got any ? JIM: How do I use it ? There’s no safety?! Survivor: You just press the trigger that’s all.

JIM: yes We’re going to go up. Can you light it up? Skynox? Skynox sorry JIM: There isn’t anything … Sssshhhhttttt … Lets be forgotten … They won’t see us anyway … JIM: Watch behind us Act like we don’t exist.

.. JIM: Run!! Go Left! We’ve lost them … They are passing in front of us but they cannot se us … So i’m with skynox Skinox, Skynox; I can’t remember … and Jeff. We have managed to escape by very little.

and Jeff. We have managed to escape by very little. from the zombies We neutralised about two or three. two on the passerelle one at the exit. so three … Our munitions are very limited … And … euhh .

.. euh … Our shots are counted … We don’t really know where to find munitions … So we got away very closely from a zombie army. We found weapons. that’s the good news … We haven’t found any food yet .

.. … but at lest we’ve got weapons, to defend ourselves. And that changes the game compared to when we got here … We don’t know … we haven’t got any news at all Jeff: We have found some TnT … JIM: We have found some TnT and Mission Orders as well.

On the other hand we haven’t had any news from the other survivors. Who are stuck near the village. So now … We are going to try and survive as long as possible, continue finding munitions. and find food.

And … And I think from the images, I think I forgotten a bit that I’m a journalist … I think that’s what images and proof we need. To prove that the government clearly plotted these experiments on the innocent.

who despite themselves have become ‘lab-rats’ and especially monsters. Monsters … Who have an only goal feed themselves of live people, like us. Jeff, Careful. Lets go to that building. JIM: hey jeff, you got a bag? Saussage! Have you got a bag ? We’re going to eat that.

Survivor: First Aid. JIM: First Aid. Jeff? ‘Bon Apetit’ corn We have no spoon, damn … Jeff: I’ve got the saussages. JIM: It’s f*@king dynamite mate! Don’t joke around with it … do you want some mixed vegetables ? And the food was pristine or ? it was damaged.

..JIM : Badly damaged ! We’ve heard screaming … …damn psychopath screaming. Survivor: F*@king zombies … JIM: One thing is sure, they won’t stop my appetite. They’re not very far… Hide behind the trees! [Subtitles by DJGARY] JIM: I’m being raped! The zombies have a sex! JIM: Damn Survivor: It cool! Zombies: Yeah more zombies! JIM: Good Game Zombies: Did you get them or not? JIM: the journalists are dead! No .

.. no I’m a journalist. Well I was a journalist … It’s good guys you ate my leg … my arm … I’ve not got much left. ‘Bon Appetit!’ Airsoft Game Halloween 2015 Special organised by Vicieux from WILD TRIGGER Thanks to all the participants ! survivors, zombies, special forces and the organizers.

Thanks to Jeff and Julien.


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