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Airsoft e Quarentena – Loadout Russian VDV 2012-2015 [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

Airsoft e Quarentena – Loadout Russian VDV 2012-2015 [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

It is behind this door. What? The game room. Where your games are? I wat you to know you can leave at any moment. Why? What is inside? -I’m serious… -Christian, open the door already! The quarentine due the corona virus is still one, I’m still stuck at home I’m starting to go crazy.

Tuesday turns in Saturday, Saturday turns in Wednesday, Wednesday is now Friday It doesn’t matter anymore. So bored because you don’t leave the house, you don’t see anybody… You can’t even play airsoft anymore.

What am I going to do? I KNOW! I WILL DO ONE MORE VIDEO SHOWING MY AIRSOFT SETUPS! This time the unity I’m trying to recreate is the airborne troops of the Russian Federation. In Russian, it sounds something like.

.. ????????-????????? ?????? Also known by it’s abreviation … ??? Like my other video, I won’t get into VDV’s history details. But in the end it was really interesting to learn about them And knowing about VDV made me even more interested in going after the equipment they use.

By the way, VDV’s gear equipment a lot in the past years due high command’s interest in updating the troops. So it is very common to see troops and airsofters using a mix of gear, uniforms and equipment of different time frames.

VDV caught my attention mostly around 2014 with Crimea’s crysis. For those who doesn’t know, Crimea is a peninsula that used to belong to Ukraine With a lot of Russian descendants. In 2014, nice green man carrying many gear, uniforms and guns very similar used by VDV.

.. … showed up and helped the locals supporting the russians give this region to the Russian government. My interest, more specifically, for the equipment in this time frame is not only due this event.

It’s also because in 2015 a new game that I like and play a lot was released. It is called SQUAD. In this game you can choose many factions to play with. Among them, the Russians. Since the game started to grow a lot around 2015 and 2016, there was a lot of visual refences material.

.. …coming from the Crimea crysis for 3D moddeling and… as well as information about what equipment Russians used at that time. Actually, my interest at first was to recreate the equipment that the Russians soldiers were using in the game Then I discovered that the game used the Russians in the Crimea as reference.

I cannot forget to talk about the great help of my friend, Jo?o. Not only he helped me a lot with the equipment, but today we have a group called Brigada 30 For those with interests in standard Russian equipment and to try to end the typical airsoft stereotype that Russians only use gorkas, partizans, addidas and keep shouting all the time ???? ?????.

.. NO! So if you have interest to know more about it, go and like Brigada 30 facebook page! Now, let’s go there to see my equipment. [NATIONAL ANTHEM OF THE SOVIET UNION INTENSIFIES] Here we have a frontal view of the whole equipment, the vest, bullet proof body armor and the uniform.

Lateral view and another view from behind, which you can see part of the vest and the backpack. But due pratical means, as in an airsoft game, I’ll remove the backpack to keep on with this video. Once again, lateral views and a view from behind without the backpack.

The airsoft gun I’m using is a CYMA model CM040c it reproduces the real gun AK-74m Contrary to American kits, I don’t use a drop mag pouch. Everytime I reload, I throw mags away and have to buy new ones.

An interesting point about this gun model is that the stock is foldable. It becomes very compact for transport. As you can see, zero abilities to handle this gun. The vest 6sh112 has four mag pouches.

Each pouch can carry up to 3 mags, but they don’t fit well so I only carry 2 mags per pouch. There is also a flare pouch on the side. Same flare model as you aseeing in this image. And it sits like this in the vest, how you can see in this reference image.

We also have grenade pouches or utensil pouches on the side. One more flare pouch on the other side with more grenade pouches or untensil pouches, which are empty in this video. We also have a radio bag or another untensil bag, this is up to the player’s necessity during a game.

On the back, we have a buttpack with an internal volume up to 7 Liters. Despite it is located behind you, it is easy to access. On the sides of this buttpack, there are two small bags that can store two small water bottles.

The backpack has 25L of space, very practical. There are many MOLLE straps to adapt accordingly to your needs. On the sides of this backpack, there are more bags that can store water bottles of 2L. The 6sh112 vest appeared around 2012 It first appeared, as we saw in pictures, with Russian mountain troops in the camouflage FLORA.

Not in EMR camouflage like I’m using. They started to substitute the vests model 6sh92 and 6sh104. Today, the 6sh112 is being substited by the vest model 6b45. The helmet is a 6b7-1M. Sometimes it is the source of jokes because it is very wide on the sides.

But it pleased me the most visually for the kit I was planning to make. It is using a EMR camouflage cover and I put this googles with black cover as a detail. Underneath the equipment vest, we use a bullet proof vest.

This is the model 6b32. This is a real bullet proof vest I imported from Russia, but to get through Brazilian customs, it doesn’t have the kevlar and balistic plates inside. So I stuffed the insides with foam to keep this nice original format.

Since it is a real item, it was used by troops in training or even in combat. So it has a lot of secrets. I showed these details in our facebook page Brigada 30. So don’t forget to go there, like and watch the video that I talk about these extras.

Believe me, wearing everything is very hot! I have to wait for more cold days to use it. The glove is the same’n’old Aliexpress generic. It still works, so it’s great. I’m also using this generic green balaclava with breathable fabric.

I’m wearing an EMR camouflage uniform. It appeared in a very limited distribution around 2008 among a few units, a few troops, during its testing phase. And it was broadly distributed among all troops around 2011 ~ 2012.

At last, this piece of clothing in the colors white and blue is called ??????????. The colors blue and white represent the ??? unit. Depending on the unit, there other colors combination. So that’s it.

One more quarantine video showing one of my loadouts. Russian loadout. I hope you all enjoyed and leave that like.


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