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Airsoft DPM Camo Infantry loadout

Airsoft DPM Camo Infantry loadout

hey YouTube it’s on as a sniper and today I’m going to be showing my load up so this is more of a sort of underground pond or sets up so start my god this is an M cell C and for a one with a full grip and the ankle on it this is green because being more than you unique a if you didn’t know if then that’s it so I’ll go to my iron face protection I had first of all I’ve got a on just a viper cap I have a neoprene face mask which is really nice because it still takes a face but you can still look down your sights and then for my eye protection I had bribed truckload version 2 goggles hold on my strap you can see that yeah so it sort of put me take this off because it’s quite a pop okay going down I have my own DPM camo boombox sure which is like underbody on the shirt and I usually play without the sleeves on the summer because it’s quite hot sweaty cause detachable sleeves patches you know so I both my vest now up here I have their three pistol mag pouches but they don’t really hold pistol mags so I just hold them I have one usually one or two speed loaders as soon as i get my LS m9 gas blowback i’ll be using some pistol mag pouches already have so I periods are some like a utility pouch as you put my camera in here or something my little camera to take pictures yeah so I’m moving down I have three pouches each holding one 300m for hi cap they’re the ones when you wind the wheel on the left side there is a peaceful map the pistol also but um it’s not very good because it doesn’t hold my Glock so if see what that I didn’t van a minute as gloves i have these are I think they’re Viper fingers gloves you go Viper the really nice of finglas so you know okay going down I have my glock 18c on a drop leg holster it’s electric 30 round mag be nice the drop leg holster is attached to my bell if you can see that so that’s good and I can quickly draw it it’s really comfortable okay first on the left I have my role of dump pouch which is really cool because you just open it up and then you have your dump pouch I’ll give you a demonstration of reloading quickly right so let’s just okay here we go yeah you can see that is really easy to reload um and this pouch holds well no cual up max I only have three mags a tight on me so it’s pretty good okay so let’s move down I have just some normal DPM trousers or pants for you American people and then moving down a half my my military army boots which are really good see that there the steel Taiwan’s so nice protection a bit muddy because of the young skirmish I went to two weeks ago yeah so that’s my loadout on folks for watching recommend subscribe everything like that locu my ex video


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