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Airsoft Deutsch Schlacht | Gameplay in Lauterbach

Airsoft Deutsch Schlacht | Gameplay in Lauterbach

93….94 [fart sound] upsi [intro music] Hey guys, Geonox here welcome to a new airsoft video we are playing CQB at the arena in Lauterbach Germany this is the second part of the gameplay you can find the first part by pressing the “i” at the top and as always in the video description game mode is team death match most guys are using their big rifles while I am running my Cyma G18c AEP with a tracer unit and tracer BBs [start signal] it is our plan to get to the stairway as quick as possible then get up to the first floor and then back down to hit the enemy from behind HIT so much for our super plan back to respawn next round gun hit counts? yes it counts someone shot my tracer and I recognize the voice it was the highlander the highlander makes nice youtube videos check his channel.

The link is in the video description respawn and go Oh no HIT good shot we are stuck in our own respawn someone shot me on my butt come on Geo, concentrate behind the wood wall I am cross eyed. Bad aiming today let’s try a different route careful he’s over there right side clear? upsi, friendly fire that’s my own team walked so far didn’t hit anybody and I got shot on my finger I’d love to show you more hits.

but I cant no aim today let’s walk with PJP. team blue coming up they are coming from there we are blue, before you keep shooting I think that was friendly fire blue blue blue blue good shot nope he wasnt blue.

that was an enemy lets try this way again I am sorry that hurt that was too close I gotta use the bang rule more often hit my head good thing I am wearing a mask I need a helmet lucky. we are blue oh no.

.we were here a minute ago I am shooting the guy next to you empty reload top right who hit you? I wanted to hit you are you hit? no I should have shot him I was too nice he looked like he was on his way to respawn a few seconds later we hear the signal game over thats it for today if you enjoyed it, please leave a like see you next time and as always, happy gaming 🙂


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